Brooke Jessica Kaio: Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is a system that is run down by computers. The robots controlled by computers usually accomplish the tasks that are done by human beings under usual circumstances. These robots require discernment as well as intelligence similar to that of human beings.

Affect of Artificial intelligence on human being’s life:

Artificial intelligence has affected the human race on a whole different level. The tasks that were done by a number of human resources are usually done by a single robotic machine. Working on artificial intelligence the simplest example of artificial intelligence is the calculator. The calculator does the calculations in seconds and milliseconds that require hours of human mind processing. The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence in human beings’ life is speed. It has affected almost every sphere of human life.Brooke Jessica Kaio throws light upon the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

In this article, we will specifically emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine and healthcare especially radiology and consultation. These factors are highlighted in the following lines.

For the past 50 years. Artificial intelligence has become an important as well as a mandatory element as it has revolutionised the major spheres of life. The first and foremost element that has the biggest revolution in healthcare.

Revolution in healthcare by artificial intelligence:

In the field of health care and medicine, the artificial intelligence has opened up new ways and paved a pathway towards the healthy society by introducing the less painful treatment methods. The specific fields which are greatly affected by artificial intelligence are radiology and online consultation.   

Radiology and artificial intelligence:

Radiology is the Basic field that is linked with the diagnosis, Identification and treatment of the Brooke Jessica kaioexplains that the major function of radiology is to identify the issue by looking at the patient’s body with the described symptoms. When the diagnosed condition matches with some disease, it is further tested through the Radiology department which offers CT scans, MRI, PET scans and ultrasounds. Another technology used in diagnosis is called as CNN i.e. convolutional neural network. This technology is used in the analysis of images. Ten basic purposes of using Artificial intelligence in radiology is a second option or an assistant that can point out the flaws and short comings of first decision made by doctor.

Digital consultation and artificial intelligence:

If we talk about the digital consultation or On-line consultation, then the artificial intelligence has proved itself a best option. The process of online consultation or digital consultation starts with the description of conditions faced by the patients on online forums. An artificially intelligent system that is connected with the computers and is fed with the necessary information assumes the nature of disease. From the information present in the database and from the conditions described by patients, this artificially intelligent system assumes the diagnosis. Sometimes this diagnosis is quite helpful for patients as it answers the query instantly and takes less time as compared to the time taken by the consultation from a doctor.

  • The major advantage of this artificial intelligence technology in hospitals and healthcare centres is that usually healthcare centres get closed in evening and people having any kind of trouble wants to be attended. This artificially intelligent system helps them in getting their prescription from saved data base.  More sophisticated websites are processed for the better analysis of serious diseases.
  • Brooke Jessica kaiotalks about the most eminent tool in this regard.  The mist famous tool in this regard is chatbot.  Chatbot is an artificially intelligent robot that has abilities to communicate. These interactive abilities help it with the proper checking of symptoms and prescribe the proper treatment by analysis the data base. The option of conducting sessions is also activated in some of the websites. These chatbot also drive the online sessions where they interact with the patients like the doctor such as “lets talk about the disease and its solution”.


  • The only disadvantage of this chatbot system is that these are not human to understand the severity of the situation. Some commands are only understood and processed by human minds.
  • These chatbot may not be able to reach up to the point where psychological satisfaction of a patient is more necessary than just prescription.
  • The patients mainly need the will power to fight against the disease. This will power is, sometimes, just gained through the supportive words and affectionate behaviour of the doctor.
  • One more hazard of this system is that the prescription done by the artificial intelligence is sometime not compatible for the patient. The artificial intelligence can not go through physical condition of patients like the doctors can do.