Broaden Your Horizons: 5 Facts About Travel That You Should Know

People spend an average of $792.4 billion on leisure travel both internationally and domestically. Are you getting the travel bug? Want to go explore this big world?

If you are ready to go, check out these facts about travel and health. You will find there are many travel benefits, so get your bags packed and get your mind ready to go!

1. Travel Is Good for Your Mental Health

Is travel good for your health? It is! Travel disrupts your normal routine and introduces your brain to novelty, which improves cognition and also activates reward circuits.

You have to think through new customs, transportation patterns, rules, and more. Even though these same changes can be frustrating and stressful at times, your brain benefits from change. The flexibility and disruptions stimulate the brain’s neuroplasticity to generate creativity, and it can actually help you return home with innovative ideas.

2. Jet Lag Is Worse From West to East

Science has proved that you may get more jet lag when traveling from west to east. This is because our internal clocks have a natural cycle of sleeping and waking that is slightly longer than a day or 24 hours. When you go west to east, it shortens your day, and going east to west, makes the days longer making it easier for your body and brain to adapt.

3. Planning and Prep Is the Fun Part

Sure, going on vacation is fun, but a study found that the anticipation of this trip reports a higher rate of happiness. This means you should start planning your vacation now. Have fun planning and researching.

Start thinking about packing, and don’t forget about wearing sun protective clothing when you hit those beaches!

4. Vacations Can Help You Live Longer

A study found that people that shortchanged their vacations had a higher mortality rate than those that took the needed time off. Both sets of participants also improved their lifestyles to prove that travel benefits your mind and body.

This means that even exercising and eating healthy will not make up for not taking time off. You can’t compensate for working too hard and not relieving stress by giving your mind a break. Vacations are a great way to relieve stress.

5. Happiness Thrives on Experience

Experiences make you wait in anticipation and also give you memories. When you spend your money on objects, the brain has more time to adapt and normalize your mind. You consistently see the object, but the experience is short and you don’t have as much time to adapt to what’s happening.

Your mind never has time to normalize your experience, so you remember it more. Objects become normal, and you may not even notice after time.

The Facts About Travel Show You Should Go

After reading these five facts about travel, you are probably ready to go look into that dream trip. Traveling is good for your mental health. Take advantage when you can and enjoy life.

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