Broadcasting for Business: How to Increase Live Stream Viewers by 800%

Live streaming has a sense of urgency to it and there is lots of potential in it to increase your viewership and engagement. When it comes to broadcasting for business, you will have to make extra efforts to increase your live stream viewers. Clicking on the “Go Live” button is just the start. You will need innovative tips to grow your viewership of online video streaming.

Here are the best steps to help you grow your live stream viewers by more than 800%.

1. Tease Your Content

Movie and TV show producers release teasers before releasing their content to get more viewers excited. You can also tease your business content to create excitement. How to do it?

  • Pre-release snippets of information from the content
  • Create and share blog posts, Tweets, GIFs, or short clips
  • Create shareable content that is interesting and has a higher chance of being shared
  • The teasers should clearly mention the date and time of the broadcast
  • Include a link to sign-up for email reminders

The goal here is to spread the word to let your audience know that a stunning live stream is on its way. Pre-registration can also help you capture leads.

2. Offer Useful & Valuable Rewards

Another strategy to grow your online video streaming viewers is to reward them for signing up to watch your content. Let them know that they will be getting something of value in return, besides what the content will offer. These rewards can include:

  • Giveaways
  • Raffles
  • Phone calls to a few selected fans
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Sharing tips and valuable secrets

You can increase your views by encouraging your viewers to share your content against some sort of incentives.

3. Be On Multiple Platforms

Broadcast simultaneously to multiple ott providers in India. This will require you to have the right application and enough bandwidth. For example, you can broadcast your content live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. One of the biggest advantages here is that there is no need to steer your audience to a different platform than they are already using. This increases the chance that many of them will view your content.

Your audience will be able to consume your content without having to go and sign-up on another platform. You will be making it convenient for them. This will also make it easier for your business to be organically discovered by more people, as you can get shares on multiple platforms.

4. Cross-Promote Your Live Stream

This means using all your channels to promote the live streams. If you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, share the URLs of your streams.

  • Create and post an engaging and interesting description
  • Create and use a hashtag
  • Share teasers on all the platforms

It is recommended to start building a following on all the major ott providers in India so that you can cross-promote your future live streams.

Additional Tips

There are many more steps you can take to grow your live stream views:

  • Write compelling and interesting titles and descriptions to attract viewers and leverage the power of SEO
  • Create longer broadcasts to increase your views across the length of the content
  • Create attention-grabbing banners and cover images that can be used when promoting your live stream
  • Enter into online partnerships to get others to promote your live stream

It is also recommended to choose the right day and time to go live with online video streaming. Consider the time zones for your targeted markets and the best time your audience is likely to be live. It is also important to interact with your viewers to keep your viewers engaged. Encourage them to ask questions. Effective engagement can go a long way in keeping them coming back every time you launch a new online video streaming.