Broadband Speed Needed by an Average American!

Broadband connections have become important now more than ever, given that the past two years have been heavily dependent on the internet. Online classes, work from home, office meetings, and even online healthcare services were possible because of a good broadband speed. This is why, it is safe to say that the high speed internet plays a very important role.

However, as more and more Americans rely on broadband services, the speed of the broadband has become a critical factor. This makes the broadband speed needed by an average American an important factor to study. Broadband subscriber analytics helps to figure out the broadband speed that is required on an average for all internet activities to run smoothly. 

In this article we will discuss the importance of broadband speed and how it affects the online activities carried out by a person. 

What is Broadband?

In simple words you can say that broadband is a reliable high speed internet that has current definition speeds set by FCC at 25 megabits per second for downloads and 3 megabits per second for uploads. The definitions of broadband speed are periodically revised and may keep varying from time to time. Broadband is an absolutely important factor that plays a major role in all your online activities. You will need a good broadband service to carry out online activities smoothly.

Why is Broadband speed important?

Broadband service determines how fast information is transferred online and broadband industry analytics play a vital role to analyze the resulting market. For example if you are trying to download a music video or audio online, the speed at which it gets downloaded will depend on the broadband speed. Similarly anything you want to upload on the internet will also require a good broadband service. 

All your online activities like logging into a website, using social media, attending online classes or meetings depend on the broadband speed. When you are performing online research or are working from home, it is important for a web page to load quickly so that you can carry out your work with ease. The ideal broadband speed needed by an average American depends on quite a few factors including what activities you carry out online and how many people are online at the same time. The more people using the internet, the more impact it will have on the network services and broadband speed. Another factor that affects the broadband speed is the device that you are using like a smartphone, computer or laptop. 

Broadband speed required by Americans

Studies have found that a typical American household has about 11 connected devices, therefore there is always a need for a good broadband speed. Activities like video conferencing and video call usually require a higher broadband speed. It has been seen that about 17% of Americans rely only on smartphones for all their online activities and they may suffer from network issues quite often. 

FCC has also found that median household speed for broadband in America has grown from 15 mbps to 72 mbps from the year 2012 to 2017. This is due to the development in technology and the raise in customer demand. 

All in all, it is pretty clear that having good broadband speed is important for Americans to carry out their daily online tasks. However, as major activities like online conferences or classes don’t necessarily require high speed internet, you would think that average broadband speed might be enough. But it is important to understand that when multiple people in a household are using the internet together, then you would need a good speed internet otherwise the network performance may suffer a lot. 


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