British Cars: 5 Secrets of the Worldwide Popularity

When you buy or hire a car, each time you want to get the best possible product. Today the car is a very important thing in the life of everybody – we can even say that it’s a kind of status indicator.

Just as the car is important for people, so for the country own production of cars is also an important point. It allows to establish its position in the ranking of countries with developed industry.

In this regard, Great Britain occupies a stable position as a nation producing high-quality cars. What is the secret of their success in the modern world car market? Let’s try to figure it out!

  • The tradition of manual assembly

Believing it or not, people still assemble elite British cars by hand. This is not the same as assembling a construction at home. English-style manual assembly is, first of all, the strictest quality control featuring the use of the most modern technologies. The assembled car won’t cause problems to its owner only because some nut in it is not fully tightened or certain parts of the power unit are not installed in strictly designated places.

Unlike some European and Asian manufacturers, British automakers don’t even admit the thought that a car purchased there may immediately require replacement of any spare parts or a complete revision at a service station – this is simply impossible!

  • Limited-edition cars

You have long dreamed of picking up Leeds Bradford airport car hire to have an unforgettable ride behind the wheel of an iconic English vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

One of the main features of such manufacturers as Jaguar, Lotus, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce is the small number of manufactured products, thus you can’t find them at car hire services.

All prestigious British car models are limited editions. This approach also gives a significant positive impact on the quality of technology. It’s no wonder that such luxury cars in a limited edition cost their customers from two hundred thousand euros – this is the price you pay for exclusivity!

  • Excellent engine power 

British manufacturers have one interesting approach to designing cars and delivering results to the consumer – they position them as knowingly satisfying the driver.

For example, traditionally the Rolls-Royce Company doesn’t advertise the power of its models. For a long time, a single word was printed in the car passport in the ‘Engine power’ section – it’s ADEQUATE.


  • Advanced engineering design

If the British automobile industry was distinguished only by its conservatism, no exclusive quality could attract the fans of modern technology.

Even the finest and highest quality horse-drawn carriage remains a carriage, and modern consumers need modern technology. English engineers are at their best there – their latest developments cover horizons from electric cars to amphibians.

Would you like to hire a car for traveling not only on land but also on water? It’s possible! Not so long ago, Gibbs Technologies’ engineers demonstrated their brainchild – the Aquada amphibious vehicle. The car easily showed its abilities on the streets of the British capital and in the waters of the River Thames.

The car is characterized by the absolute impossibility of leaks, which is not surprising. This model simply doesn’t have doors! After leaving the water, the equipment needs no more than five seconds to change the operating mode for moving on the land.

Notably, all new developments of the British engineers are distinguished by a scrupulous approach to quality. If at the moment the issues of safety and reliability of the car are not fully resolved, even the most promising technical solutions are not considered at all.

  • High international reliability ratings

Reliability is the first thing you want to get when you buy or hire a car. Neither beautiful design, nor speed, but reliability. In this sense, engineers in the British automotive industry have made great strides forward. Proof of this fact is the results of studies by ADAC and J.D. Power. Renowned companies specializing in quality and reliability analysis of global car manufacturers.

It’s not a secret that according to J.D. Power, Land Rover products are on high positions in the anti-rating of cars. Even the famous Jaguar was on this list.

After facing this problem, British manufacturers didn’t prove their case and challenge the research results. They began to improve reliability.

The result wasn’t long in coming – you won’t find British cars in today’s ADAC anti-ratings. For comparison: BMW cars are often in the list of the most unreliable cars. However, you won’t see a single Jaguar or Land Rover there.