Bring the Predictive Power in Hands with Mobile BI

In today’s digital world, businesses are contemplating mobile BI functionality that is powerful and smart enough to respond to their dynamic needs and millennial workforce. Mobile business intelligence has quickly emerged as an easy way to provide real-time sales, revenue, finance, expense, or any critical data on the fly where users can view optimized dashboards and regularly check the status or access any reports in real-time. The current stage of information and digitization has brought us closer and we see advanced and predictive analytics as one of the most desirable needs of the business to stay agile and think strategically.  

Mobile BI brings predictive power and provides the most important metrics—in one place, available on all of your devices. For instance, you can review the latest output of your organization’s sales team, or analyze the sentiment of social media users who tweet about your services or products dynamically.  

Further, by adding filters to report, your team can quickly find everything on which they want to focus. With the touch of fingertips, they can stay connected to actionable insights, reports from anywhere, anytime with the Power BI. Additionally, the mobile BI functionality enables you to keep your team on the same page. You can share live reports and dashboards with your team and display stories with your data to engage your customers and peers. 

In this blog, we will talk about more capabilities such as how business analytics software is becoming a strategic asset to your business. 

Get hidden insights from the data and find patterns 

The mobile functionality in BI enables decision-makers to dig deeper into data and find patterns they may have otherwise missed. With BI features like quick measures, grouping, forecasting, and clustering, business users have full control over their data and they can find revealing insights while sitting at their comfort zone.  

The mobile functionality helps business users and next-gen workforce to do their best work and get insights in seconds. At the same time, it’s the need of an hour to be agile and respond timely to opportunities and gain a 360- degree view of your business, no matter where you are. For instance, if you are working remotely or conducting a meeting you should know the important metrics on the fly. The software empowers you to scan information faster the time you need it the most. This helps all leading business users to stay agile, keep your customers happier and never lose out an opportunity. By giving critical insights and important information at the glance, all team members feel empowered with business analytics software and they can use this data to make critical business decisions.  

Mobile BI is poised to revolutionize the way organizations think about consuming and acting on their strategic asset- data. So, the viable call for your business is to stay connected, stay informed no matter where they are. Tableau is the enterprise-ready and trusted software that has garnered attention from the business world. Rated by Gartner for years in a row, there are myriad reasons to invest in this BI software. So, the viable call is to contact a trusted Tableau partner that can help you with implementing Tableau software in your business and give you a proper demonstration of the BI software. 

Raju Shahi

Raju Shahi is a tech blogger and digital marketer with several years of experience in the industry. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like SAP Business One, IoT, AI, Cloud, and others...