Brighton’s emerging rapper Strategy KI delivers hot new single ‘Spot The Difference’

By Shiva Saravanan

ESC member Strategy KI drops his fresh single ‘Spot The Difference’, the setting is in the title here, and furthermore an idea that numerous Drill and Grime heads contemplate on with regards to looking for inventiveness in music. UK rapper Strategy KI voices his perspective on how the music business is turning into a reorder development, with an absence of uniqueness.

KI has been on the music seen for several years now, experimenting with different musical genres and sounds along the way. Starting off his career back in 2016, Strategy KI was mainly known as a Grime MC. He made a name for himself as a local street rapper by battling other artists (Known as a sound clash).

Since 2020 he has mailing been working and developing his sound on UK Drill beats, working with the likes of such producers as Lxllo, Jumble Beats, Screwface, SL-Music, NesBeats and many more we could add to the list.

Skit forward to 2022, it is safe to say that Strategy KI has solidified his name in the UK drill scene. After the success of ‘Spot The Difference’, fans are happy and excited for his new coming projects to land throughout the year.

Strategy KI carries an exceptional style to the hints of ‘UK Drill’, differencing himself from the duplicated clones in the music business. In ‘Spot The Difference’ he shows the ideal story of this, as heard in his verses “Spot the difference spot the difference nothing like them man spot the difference”. Strategy KI is known for sub-crossing classifications while yet remaining inventiveness to his melodic works.

KI is hosting an online competition where one lucky winner will walk away with a cash prize of £100. For further instructions on how to enter the completion, please follow Strategy KI on instagram and subscribe to his official YouTube channel

Spot The Difference demonstrates the similarities in artists in the mainstream. They all seem to lack a unique and individual approach to their craftsmanship within in the music industry.

When we asked Strategy KI his opinion on fellow Brighton based rapper ‘Arrdee’, KI had this to  say “I don’t have an opinion on the yout. I don’t listen to pop music so I can’t give you my opinion on a pop-star”. From his statement we gathered that Strategy KI is not the biggest fan on Arrdee’s music.

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