Brighten Your Big Day: 5 Inspiring Floral Ideas for Your Dream Wedding

One of the best ways to help create your dream wedding is to incorporate flowers. You can choose your favorites and still make it stylish. Here are a five floral ideas you can use for planning your dream wedding.


Incorporate Floral Arts & Crafts


Consider making paper flowers to use as decoration. These days, a paper flower bouquet can be chic, or you can create a colorful ceremony arch. You can also emblazon the wedding invitations with flower art, include a poem about lilies or make them flower scented with essential oils. Other than this, try dressing up the welcome table by placing flowers nearby. Alternatively, fix up the drink station or reception bar. If you have a wedding getaway car or carriage, make it look special with bright decorations. Remember to have the photographer take a photo of the loving couple. Paper floral decorations can also be more budget-friendly than the real thing. The bride can have her bridesmaids make their own bouquets. After the ceremony’s over, they can keep these forever.


Have a Stunning Centerpiece


You can also make a stunning centerpiece of paper succulents, Anemone flowers or roses surrounding a candle. Consider keeping it simple by placing greenery in tall vases, adding taper candles or using greenery garland along the reception table. Another creative idea is to place a variety of vases and vessels filled with flowers down the center of the table. You can either stick to traditional ideas, or try coming up with unique ideas of your own.


Dress Up the Bride and Groom


The bride and groom can take advantage of fashionable floral ideas. For instance, the bride can use flowery hairpieces, wear a veil with floral designs or have a custom dress made with roses or others stitched in. The groom can jazz up his attire by pinning a stylish floral boutonniere on his jacket. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom can wear wedding corsages, or try making wedding crowns for the flower girls. On your important day, remember to include pets by giving them a floral leash or collar to wear. The right flowers can really dress up the bride and groom or anyone for the big day. Another benefit of floral fashion is that it adds a touch of nature to the environment.


Make an Inspiring Bouquet


The bouquet is the bride’s centerpiece, because she holds it near her heart. You can make it stylish by using pastel flowers or go bold with deep red roses. Additionally, many brides like a little or a lot of greenery in the bouquet, depending on personal taste. You can hire someone to make the bouquet or make it handmade and meaningful. No matter what, be sure to make it special for your dream wedding.


Get Creative with the Cake


You have plenty of choices on how you want to decorate a floral cake. For starters, try browsing magazines for design ideas. You can also get a chance to decide whether you want your cake to be classic, modern or whatever you’d like. You can have someone create a cake that’s all white (including the flowers) or has flowers of various hues. Further, you might want your cake to be tailored to the season you’re in. This can be more appropriate and tasteful.


Your wedding should be one of the most magical days of your life. Including floral ideas is a great start to creating the wedding of your dreams. Be sure to make it as beautiful as you can for yourself and everyone around you because you deserve to it.