Bridal Make-Up Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride

Wedding is an expensive affair, especially Indian weddings. The Indian wedding industry has witnessed a remarkable rise of nearly 35% in the year 2018 and it is expected to further rise by 9% this year.

Wedding preparation includes a long list of purchases and payments to be made in a short span of time that includes clothing, make-up, venue, food, lights and other necessary amenities. Alternately, people also opt for assistance from financial institutions in the form of loan against property to meet the huge expenses and repay the same over a specified tenor.

Most people hire a destination wedding planner in such tiring situations to avoid the hassle of managing everything at one go.

Your wedding is an important day and you are the centre of attention; perfection should be your best friend for the day. To achieve that, make-up is of primary importance. Given below are some useful tips to look the best on your wedding day.

Make-up Ideas For Every Bride To Be

Matching the right make-up with your skin tone is necessary for a proper bridal makeup and this is why you need a professional makeup artist. With extensive trained in this domain, they have mastered the expertise of doing bridal make-up. Hence, it is important that you opt for the right bridal makeup package in India so as to ensure perfection on your wedding day.

Here are some makeup tips to look for before you finalise your package from the various bridal make-up packages available in the marketplace.

  • Conventional Makeup Package

The traditional package usually includes usage of brushes, fingers, and sponge blenders. Similar to painting a picture, the makeup artists clean the face and then apply the makeup products as required.

  • Highlighted Makeup Package

Another package usually offered by a wedding planner is the modern day highlighter package. It is different from the traditional makeup as it hides every minute detail from the bride’s face which might have been exposed through the HD cameras in action today.

Also, the makeup products contain light diffusing elements that blurs the light when it reflects back from the skin. Consequently, the face look smooth and flawless.

These packages come with an expensive price tag and therefore you can opt for a financial aid from an external source in the form of a loan. Consequently, it will help you save money while planning a wedding.

  • Airbrush Makeup Package

This type of makeup is done with an air-brush or airgun to be specific which is used for spraying the products on the face. Be it foundation or eye shadow or glitters, the airbrush applies it all and blends it all over face.

Hence, the makeup artists offer a trial package at a nominal charge to experiment on the bridal look for the final day beforehand. This gives an insight as well as the space to see for yourself whether you are comfortable with the makeup or not.

Both the packages are ideal for a destination wedding as they are long lasting ones and help you move about freely throughout. Yet again, the price range for such a makeup package can be substantial.

Therefore, a loan against property with a competitive interest rate could be a saviour in such situations as you don’t have to restrict your desires and also pay out the amount later with ease. However, it is important that you assess the benefits and features along with the eligibility criteria at various lending institutions before taking a loan for your wedding.

Some reputed non-banking financial institution that offers a higher amount of loan against property to meet your financial needs. They also bring you pre-approved offers to make the overall loan procedure of loan application easier and faster for you.

These pre-approved offers are also available for several other financial products such as personal loans, business loans, home loans, home advances, etc. You can have a look at your pre-approved offer by providing some of the essential documents that consist of your name and contact number.

Hence, when you plan out your wedding, make sure you choose the right destination wedding planner and if required, avail a loan in order to manage your expenses. Choosing the right loan with an affordable interest rate is also important so that you do not end up in a debt trap and pay off the same easily without compromising on your regular expenses.