Brian Spear of St. Louis loves his hometown

Brian Spear of St. Louis, who is President of Innovative Construction, Inc., has dedicated his career to providing outstanding service for his clients in the construction industry. Brian Spear’s successes have made a significant impact on the livelihoods and quality of life of St. Louis residents and the surrounding areas of Missouri.

Brian took a different approach this year. Having noticed that many working families in St. Louis were unable to afford Christmas presents, he decided to donate to charities that provide services to families in need so they could also celebrate the holidays.

Brian Spear is well known for his generosity. He’s funded many local teams with a sports fan and an avid baseball player. He’s also contributed to Angel Arms, which provides emergency housing for young people in need.

His company, Innovative Construction, Inc., is celebrating another successful year in which its staff used their collective expertise to build relationships and provide great service to all his customers. Aptly equipped to handle any construction project, employees of Spear Construction have gone on record stating that, “There really isn’t anything we can’t do,” and “Under the leadership of Brian Spear we’ve been able to grow over the past 12 months.”

Beautifying his St. Louis community is important to Brian Spear. As he recently stated, “What good are the Holidays if you can’t enjoy them? At Innovative Construction, we want everyone in the area to have a season to remember.”

About Innovative Construction:

Innovative Construction, Inc. is a general contractor working mainly in the multi-family sectors of St. Louis, Mo but its range of services includes custom residential homes to light commercial projects. Brian Spear acts as the company’s President.