Brian Poncelet – The Needs and Responsibilities of a Financial Planner

There are times in life when you run out of cash and face a lot of financial crises. Have you ever thought about why it is so? I know the answer to it as we have not made financial plans for our future. There arise a requirement of a financial planner who can draft us a future plan for finance. 


Many of us think a financial planner only advises us about financial stability but it is a financial planner act more than this.


Here Brian Poncelet lists some of the needs and responsibilities of financial planner.



  • Maintenance of finance and accounts:-

In our day to day life we face many financial problems which destroys our life be it professional or family. We get involved in this so much that we can’t plan anything. Financial planners help in planning the financial situation. They examine our current financial and future plans. What is our current status and help you establish future goals and objectives.


They recommend us strategies and plans that can reach our future goals and objectives.

  1. Career planning:-

Financial planners help you in planning career objectives to fulfill your future goals. He does this by advising which type of career is best suited for us, career changes retirement planning.


Situation when you lose a job what do you need to do in those situations. This may be legal advice or financial planning.

  • Solving up of family issue:-

Handling two different entities is quite difficult for everyone but marriage is a bond which makes you adjust to the conditions of your partner. It is a great responsibility be it financially, ethically or mentally.


There are times when you need to seperate and often they are devastating. A financial planner is required to make plan regarding the settlement and concession in the far future.

  • Securing future of offsprings:-

They even help your offsprings to secure their future be it their academics or career streams they are suited for. Help in determining their strengths and weaknesses. 


They even help in advising you about what insurances or fd or medical cover you should get for them for a secured life.

  • Help in Setup our business:-


Financial planners help you plan your business goals and helps you list down the measures that should be followed to run a profitable business. 


They even help with legal formalities that should be performed to establish your business.


They even give us tips on how we can grow our business be it branches or size of work output.  


  • Planning of retirement:-

It is very necessary for you to make a plan for your retired life while you are on job. It is a fact that no one wants to work for a lifelong. There is a time when We must give some time to our life to fulfill our passion and adventures. In order to do so we need to be financially stable as they are money draining activities.

To do so we need to have some insurances, FD’s and retirement schemes.


  • Asset building:-

Asset building means buying or selling properties in the form of tangible or intangible be it house land or goodwill. They can help you draft legal wills, estate dispersion among your dear ones, insurances and medical covers.


A financial planner helps you in various issues during your journey ahead as how are you sticked to the strategies and plans. They also guide us on property allocation and what is best for time based on financial conditions.


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