Brian Ferdinand: Corporate Housing for Traveling Staff Makes Good Business Sense

You look forward to sending one of your best employees on his first business trip. It will be an excellent way to get him out of the rut of his daily routine, meet new people, and experience a new place. The question is, where should he stay? If you want him to have a positive experience all around, it’s a smart idea to put him up in a corporate housing unit, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published work travel article.

The Draw of Corporate Housing Companies

A major benefit of today’s corporate housing units is that they create environments that feel more like homes rather than hotels, according to Brian Ferdinand. At the same time, corporate housing units offer the novelty and excitement of actually residing in another location, rather than just visiting it for a short time.

From a business standpoint, corporate housing may also offer tax benefits. That’s because the cost associated with providing this type of accommodation can lead to a major tax write-off. Considering that every deduction and credit helps when you’re trying to save money on your corporate taxes, this is a major perk that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Keep Your Employees Happy in Corporate Housing

One of the main reasons why your traveling employees would appreciate corporate housing is that their units would come with washers and dryers. This means they don’t have to pay the hefty prices associated with using Laundromats or sending their clothes to the nearby dry cleaners. Plus, they can enjoy the convenience of doing their own laundry right at home.

Employees will also appreciate the maid service that comes with corporate housing. Just like in hotel rooms, traveling workers in corporate housing units can enjoy the benefit of having someone clean their bathrooms, change their bed lines, and take out their trash.

Note that you could find corporate housing located close to where your traveling employees will be working. This added convenience is yet another perk that your workers will come to appreciate, as it will save them both time and gas. In addition, keep in mind that many corporate housing options are available to suit your and your employees’ needs and interests. For instance, some corporate housing buildings are high-rises, whereas others are condos or private homes. Because of the wide variety of options, you should easily be able to find the styles you’re looking for—and at the prices you’d like to pay long term.