Breast Reduction Surgery – All You Ever Wanted To Know

Breast reduction surgery is a detailed procedure that involves removing extra fat, tissues, and excess skin from the breasts. Breast reduction surgery may be done to relieve discomfort or attain a breast size that is proportionate to your body if you have enormous breasts.

Breast reduction surgery may also help you feel better about yourself and increase your capacity to engage in physical activities.

Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Siddharth Prakash, if you’re considering breast reduction surgery. He is a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai and Harvard Medical School, Boston. Only the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai can brief you on what breast reduction surgery includes, the dangers and consequences that may arise, and to have realistic expectations.

Breast reduction surgery can be done at any age, including as a teenager. However, if your breasts haven’t fully matured, you may require a second procedure later in life.

If you have particular future goals, such as childbirth, you may want to postpone breast reduction surgery

  • You might want to wait until the pregnancy isn’t a problem if you haven’t started a family or your family isn’t yet complete. Breast-feeding following breast reduction surgery might be difficult, but certain surgical methods can help you keep your breast-feeding capacity.

  • Loss of weight. You should wait to see if mammoplasty is right for you if you want to lose weight by changing your diet and starting an exercise routine. Breast size frequently fluctuates as a result of weight loss.


Different methods can be used to carry out this procedure. The following may be

  • Incision-based surgery
  • Liposuction (A procedure that removes extra fat from your breasts.)

Typically, the surgeon will:

  • Makes an incision down each breast and around the areola.
  • Excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed to make each breast


  • Repositions the nipple and areola and reshapes the breast.

The areola and the nipple. Normally, stay linked to the breast.If your breasts are quite big in size they may need to be removed and reattached at a higher location as a skin graft

Although your surgeon will aim to achieve symmetry between your breasts, there may be variations in breast size and form. The areola’s size could potentially be reduced. Your incision scars may decrease over time, but they will never completely disappear. This is why only opt for the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai for this delicate procedure.

Following the procedure

Immediately following the surgery:

  • A gauze dressing or bandages will be applied to your breasts.
  • A tube may be inserted under each arm to drain any surplus blood or fluid.
  • To reduce your risk of infection, you will most likely be prescribed pain medicine and antibiotics.

During the first few days or weeks following surgery:

Your breasts are likely to be painful and sensitive.To protect the breasts, your surgeon may recommend an elastic compression bra. You’ll need to rest for two to four weeks while your breasts recuperate. For a few months after surgery, your surgeon may advise you to avoid wearing underwire bras. After a said amount of time, your surgeon will need to see you again to remove the stitches and assess your recovery.


Breast reduction surgery that is successful can ease pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. It may also improve your ability to engage in physical activities while promoting a more positive self-image.

Although you’ll see results immediately, keep in mind that the swelling will subside, and the surgical scars will vanish with time.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)