Breakthrough protection device designed to help dentists protect hearing

Breakthrough protection device designed to help dentists protect hearing Custom dental earplugs provide dentists a way to stop rapid rise of tinnitus in the industry June 26, 2018 – Big Ear Inc, a company that specializes in products that provide custom hearing protection, has released The One® Dental Hearing Protection Premium Series. The custom dental earplugs were created to prevent dentists from enduring low-level noise that affects hearing while still being able to hear patients and colleagues throughout the day. The dental industry has seen a spike in dentists developing tinnitus and hearing loss. Due to the equipment used in dental clinics on a daily basis, dentists continuously put their hearing at risk.

The One®’s revolutionary patented design and features allow dentists to eliminate noise while still being able to communicate efficiently and effectively. The One® is a set of custom dental ear plugs worn by a dentist while working with patients. The earplugs allow a dentist to hear his or her patients clearly. It also enables a dentist to hear others within the room. The significant difference between The One® and other earplugs used by professionals is the feeling that dentists get from the protection device. The One® is light, and it doesn’t cause the wearer to miss out on important dialogue with a patient or a colleague.

Big Ear’s The One® works using two filters. The primary filter reduces the sound that enters the device, while the second filter allows natural sound to move through the custom dental earplugs. The second filter makes hearing natural sounds possible until the noise pressure reaches 85 dB. Once the figure is reached, the pressure is unable to pass through the device. This is one of the ways the custom dental earplugs prevent dentists from suffering hearing loss. Throughout the day, dentists are bombarded by natural and unnatural noises that damage hearing. Dentists must hear patients while the sounds of suction and drills ring out all day long. The custom dental earplugs will give dentists the opportunity to eliminate unwanted sounds and preserve their hearing.

The One® Premium Series comes with four sets of filters, one set of silicon full stop earplugs, one set of non-linear plugs, one tactical piece for in office communication, one lanyard and one premium case.

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