Brandon Gardner: A Public Speaker about Moral Injury towards First Responders

Brandon Gardner, A public speaker and top keynote speaker in USA, spoke about the moral injury which is done to the police officers or first responders who serve on the first line of tragedy. Moral injury has played a destructive role within law enforcement all throughout the world. There are many men and women who serve on the front line of tragedy, disaster, violence, and incidents. Many of these heroes take back all the horrible and disastrous thoughts home. They take back memories from the horrific things they have witnessed and done, which makes them emotionally weak. Of course, officers can also be traumatized in many ways by their on-duty actions.

Brandon Gardner‘s work in the police department

Brandon Gardner has been a public and motivational speaker for over fifteen years. He graduated with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling and Marriage/Family Therapy. Brandon was a professional counsellor for six years before entering the police department. In the police department, he worked as a Hospice and Police Chaplain. After serving for ten years in the police department, he became a state-certified trainer in ‘Dealing with Death’ and “Moral Injury to Law Enforcement and has continued providing education training in numerous Police Departments throughout Southwest Missouri. Brandon has always tried to save the lives of those who save others through his motivational speeches and his resilient work in the police department.

Brandon’s Work; The Bruised Badge

Top keynote speaker in USA, Brandon, is also a trainer of The Bruised Badge. The Bruised Badge endeavours to strengthen and empower the personal well-being of officers so that they can do their duty with excellence. Good emotional, mental and spiritual wellness is extremely important in every aspect of our lives.

Brandon has served as a Chaplain with the Springfield Police Department for more than ten years. Moreover, he has a passion for helping the Police by educating and assisting Officers in a comprehensive approach to maintaining emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and lessening the probability of depression that could lead to a calamity in their personal life, their marriage and family life, as well as their career.

Brandon Gardner’s training in The Bruised Badge involves the following assistance:

  • Classroom Training: Classroom training is provided throughout the year to ensure the mental wellness of the officers. The class addresses and creates awareness about the challenges and catastrophes a police officer has to face, which can critically affect the officers’ mental health and ability to do their duty. It can also have a disastrous effect on their skills to deal with negativity and the skills to excel in their personal excellence. Therefore, this classroom training provides awareness about this.
  • POST Certification: This is a two-hour POST-certified reciprocal training. Victorious completion of this training gives officers credit hours towards their requisite continuing education.
  • Confidential counselling: Confidential face-to-face sessions are obtainable on personal requests. If the training is somewhere out of state, the trainer can meet the officers on a long ride or at an offsite location of their preference.

Through these services, Brandon has excelled in helping officers in the police department.

Brandon Gardner‘s devotion towards Moral Injury to Law Enforcement:

Through his services and assistance in the police department, motivational speaker Brandon has helped many people escape from this moral injury. His work for 10 years in the police department proved very beneficial for the officer’s wellness and their duty. That is why he further became a state-certified trainer in ‘Dealing with Death’ and “Moral Injury to Law Enforcement. His services in The Bruised Badge saved and protected many officers from emotional and mental damage. He helped people identify what Moral Injury is, the characteristics of moral injury, and how to help those toiling with it. Brandon Gardner empowered and took care of the officers’ personal superiority and robustness through his services, work, and devotion.