Branding in web design

Your brand is the story that connects people to the products and services you offer. If the look of your website matches this narrative, your business will feel even more engaging and authentic. And that’s why fusing brand consistency into your web design is so important. You’ll gain recognition with your consumers. This really is a great area for you to invest in too.

Good web design is fundamental to last long. Branding adds timelessness to every aspect of the brand, including the real estate of the website and also how your business will be seen and remembered in time to come. It can have a great overall and long lasting effect in no end of ways. From here, it is key you hire a web design agency for this work.

It all works hand in hand with one another

One of the first places consumers go when they are looking for answers is the internet. This is why it is key every time that your website is there to portray the right message. Your website needs to match your brand identity and other key elements. It can be extremely difficult to portray your brand identity through a standard website template. How can you stand apart from others if you can’t alter your website to the way you want it to look? We always advice that if you really want to showcase your brand then you need a bespoke website design to ensure that you’re accurately representing all that you have to offer. However, whether you are using a bespoke website or a templated one, there are still a few things you can do to showcase your brand identity on your website.

Calls to action also need to be addressed

Many people underestimate just how important it is to encourage customers to click. Highlighting a call-to-action on every page can generate a huge amount of leads but, just like your logo, you need to ensure these are free from any clutter. Use colours, fonts and shapes that match your brand but also stand out from the rest of the page and draw the eye.

You need to be consistent

Brands are successful because people care and remember them. So how do you make your brand memorable? The answer is consistency. This means you need to be consistent in your web design. In every page, use the same colours, formatting, graphics, personality, and emotions. People should see a uniform image throughout your website. This will also make your website perform better. Since you’re reusing content such as graphics, your site will load faster. If someone has visited the site before, your images are easily displayed from the browser’s cache. For example, if you’re using the same navigation bar in all web pages, the browser only needs to download the code once.


Using all these elements is not enough. To truly set your brand apart from the rest, you have to make it unique. The colours, personality or voice doesn’t matter if your website looks the same as your competitors. How could prospective buyers distinguish? Yes, it will take a bit of effort to create a brand that’s different from the others. That hard work, however, will pay off since your visitors will likely remember you. There’s also a greater chance that they will come back again once they are satisfied with your products or services. Creating a brand makes sense even for small businesses as well as personal websites and blogs. In the face of fierce competition, having a good brand will help you get noticed. So in designing a website, these tips will help your brand get a head start from your competitors.

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