Braces vs Clear Aligners

An Important Comparison Braces and clear aligners are two different types of orthodontic appliances used to correct dental irregularities. While both do an excellent job in straightening teeth in their way, there is an essential difference between braces and aligners. 

The Main Difference Many people are confused about braces and clear aligners. They might even think that there is no meaningful difference at all! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While both devices will significantly improve the appearance of your smile, there is a critical difference between braces and aligners. 

Braces vs Clear Aligners: How do they Work?

Braces use traditional metal wires to pull teeth into place gently. Dentists attach brackets to your teeth with special orthodontic cement and then affix the archwire across the back of each tooth. The archwire gently applies pressure to your teeth, which slowly starts to push them into place. The metal brackets that you see on the outside of braces are just there for support. Braces do not cover any part of the teeth, so they need something to hold onto! This is why most people feel that braces are quite uncomfortable at first. However, after you get used to wearing braces, they usually aren’t too bothersome. 

Braces vs Clear Aligners: Treatment Length

Putting teeth in their ideal position usually takes 1-2 years of treatment with braces. This means that your smile will be aligned correctly about the time it takes to go through high school and part of college! 

Clear aligners are very different from braces. They are made out of a smooth, plastic material that covers the front surface of your teeth. To straighten your smile, you need to wear each set of clear aligners for about 2 weeks before moving on to the next one in the series. The entire treatment length with clear aligners usually is 6 months. 

Clear aligners are very comfortable to wear, so you don’t feel much discomfort throughout your treatment. You can even eat and drink just like normal while wearing them! Because of this, many patients prefer clear aligners over braces because they’re virtually unnoticeable. Also, since clear aligners are removable, they’re much easier to clean. 

To sum everything up, here are the critical differences between braces and clear aligners: Braces are metal brackets that are glued directly to your teeth. They are usually more uncomfortable at first than clear aligners. With braces, you can eat whatever you like. However, it’s best to avoid sticky and hard foods. Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They’re very comfortable, so you can eat any food you want! The entire treatment length with clear aligners is 6 months, while it takes around 2 years with braces. Although both options work well, many patients prefer clear aligners because they are very comfortable, easy to clean, and nearly invisible. 

If you are still are confused about choosing between clear aligners and traditional braces, it is best to speak to your dentist Sydney. You dentist will examine your teeth and suggest the best treatment procedure to help you achieve the desired results.  


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