BPO Services in Istanbul

 BPO services in Istanbul are among the aspects that draw the attention of foreign investors and companies. Being defined as Business Process Outsourcing, BPO services briefly help companies function precisely and adequately. 

   Generally, newly-established companies and companies that have been established in a foreign country may stumble regarding the intense workload. And these companies cannot carry out the needed requirements or operations related to their business.

   In this regard, BPO services can help them. By outsourcing the business process, companies can reduce this workload, preventing the company from focusing on the main business flow. On BPO’s scope of work, payroll, bookkeeping, telemarketing, data recording, social media marketing, customer assistance, and other services take their place. 

   Also, BPO often serves additional – rather than core – corporate roles with services that might be technical or nontechnical. This function can show how broad BPO services’ scope is. 

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   With their professional technical team and latest software programs, ERAI Turkey can offer services that ideally involve every scope of work needed by the business world in Istanbul.

   This article includes the following subheadings to reinforce the idea of BPO services both in Istanbul and Turkey and assist business owners more precisely:

  • What is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Service?
  • What are the Types of BPO Service Providers?
  • What are the Functions of BPO Service?
  • What are the Advantages of BPO Service?


   The process of outsourcing a specific work process or approach to an external service provider is known as business process outsourcing (BPO). In a nutshell, BPO is sharing responsibilities for conventional business tasks to third-party providers outside of the firm.

    Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are outsourcing their operations, and the demand is increasing for BPO services in Turkey. Due to the apparent introduction of new innovative services, businesses seek benefits to maintain a competitive edge.

   Meanwhile, BPO services separate themselves into two basic categories, which are front-office and back-office. Back-office services procedures such as billing and buying are examples. Front-office services, such as marketing and technical assistance, are provided to the contracting company’s clients.


   In terms of location and region, one can separate the BPO industry into three different types based on the physical site of the provider. A business can receive maximum process and operation by using these three types of services. 

  • Off-shore BPO Providers: These vendors are located outside of corporations’ locations. For instance, a company initially based in Turkey can outsource its business flow by using an off-shore vendor situated in Germany. 
  • Near-shore BPO Providers: This time, these vendors are located in the neighbouring countries of companies’ locations. For example, a company initially based in Turkey can outsource its business flow by using a near-shore vendor situated in Greece. 
  • On-shore BPO Providers: At last, these vendors are located in the same country and region as the companies’ location. For example, it is equal to the situation of Turkish companies’ outsourcing their business flow to a Turkish vendor.


   The functions of BPO services are pretty broad. BPO service providers deal with a bunch of technical issues and business flow related problems with the goal of increasing the productivity of the companies. 

   BPO services in Turkey and their scope of work are listed below to mention the qualities in detail: 

  • Accounting and Admin Management
  • Arranging Legal Documents
  • Integrated Bank Accounts
  • Ageing of Receivables and Payables
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Payment and Collection Management
  • Tax Accrual and Payment
  • Payroll Management
  • Severance Pay Management
  • Tax and Social Security Compliance
  • Personal File Management
  • Project-Based Hotline
  • Insurance Management
  • Paralegal Services
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Performance Reporting


   Working with a BPO service in Turkey has some benefits for your company. Not only the BPO service help your company decrease the workload, but it also reaches out in many scopes to develop the technical part. 

   Here are the numerous advantages that are provided by BPO services:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

   The first advantage that welcomes business owners is the cost-effective feature of BPO services. Outsourcing your business operations reduces the cost of in-house labour, notably personnel and training, as well as the cost of office space to accommodate local employees.

   For instance, a corporation that is physically based in a developing nation takes advantage of lower-cost job markets. Consequently, working with an outsourcing service allows organizations to adopt variable-cost models, such as fee-for-service programs, instead of the fixed-cost models necessary when maintaining local staff. 

  • Helping Companies Focus on their Main Issues

   BPO service helps companies focus on their main workflow rather than company functions that can be difficult to deal with. When a corporation outsources, for example, it no longer has to supervise the payroll accountant’s productivity. 

   Instead, it may concentrate its efforts on emphasizing the unique differentiators and boosting overall growth. These acts, in return, can increase the company’s competitive edge and improve its relationships with the value chain. Ultimately, the organization can benefit from higher customer happiness and profitability.

  • Increasing Companies’ Flexibility

   Companies that outsource non-critical tasks can assess the risks involved with delivering new goods or services more swiftly and effectively. They can also reallocate internal resources to more vital roles to assist guarantee improved coverage and responsibility allocation thanks to BPO services in Istanbul

  • Improving the efficiency and swiftness

Corporations using the BPO services can choose to delegate specific jobs to professionals, speeding up the process, boosting quality, and expanding their resources. 

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