Boxer and MMA Fighter Assad Al Hanini on taking his Kings Club MMA Agency to the next level

The 28-year-old Assad Al Hanini who is an Olympic Boxer and an MMA Fighter is a unique athlete and one both Jordan and Palestine should be extremely proud of as he became one of the youngest mixed martial artists in the middle east and a pioneer of the sport in that region.

Assad Al Hanini is the first MMA fighter from Jordan and Palestine to compete in four different promotions including Cage Warriors. The lightweight fighter who emerged to be one of the biggest prospects when he started gives a spark of hope to all the up and coming athletes in the Middle East.

He is also the founder of Kings Club Mixed Martial Arts, has been working hard to expand his company across the world, making some important moves and signing important partnerships that have set his business up for success in the future.

Kings Club announced last year its partnership with Venum, a clothing brand and entertainment company centered around combat sports. The company sponsors multiple fighters across Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thaï, Jui Jitsu, and MMA. Venum recently launched a marketing campaign with Assassin’s Creed in an innovative marketing campaign that blends the world of video games with the world of combat sports. This makes the association between Kings Club Mixed Martial Arts and Venum look even more powerful.

The new partnership helps expand the company’s reach, now connecting Kings Club in four different countries from England to Greece. The company has shown an immense amount of growth in a short period of time. With an exciting new partnership, Kings Club Mixed Martial Arts are in a good position to continue to make an impact in the sports world while expanding its reach across new industries.