Both ‘G&M’ official companies sign up to a strategic partnership

In news of another excellent signing, G&M Orient has partnered with G&M Cosmetics to help expand their reach into the Australian Daigou markets. This distribution deal beginning on the 1st of July 2020 will see us help G& M Cosmetics achieve their goal of expanding their ranges into the market.

No relation to us (although we’re proud to call them our newest brand), G&M Cosmetics is named for founder Zvonko Jordanov’s children, George and Maria. A family business founded in 1996, G&M Cosmetics products are 100% Australian made and run by the Jordanovs to this day.

Over these past two decades, G&M Cosmetics has grown exponentially and become renowned for their skincare for the whole family. They are also widely regarded for their incredible value, and for having manufacturing standards of the highest level. They have won many prestigious awards, and been finalists for many others.

At G&M Orient, we love Australian brands that utilise the wonderful ingredients our country has to offer, and that’s why we’ve made G&M Cosmetics our latest partner. They spend years developing and refining their products, with ingredients including botanical extracts and natural oils that Australia is famous for.

From Macadamia Oil, Manuka Honey, Goats Milk and Kakadu Plum to Lanolin Oil, Lemon Tea Tree and Emu Oil, only the highest quality ingredients are used in G&M Cosmetics’ products. Their mission is to continue to keep making an impact on the skin health of people all over Australia, and the world.

G&M Cosmetics’ products have a great track record for improving a variety of skin conditions, and they are passionate about making their effective, nourishing and organic skincare available to as many people as possible. Making people’s skin look better improves their confidence, as well as their overall well-being – and that’s what G&M Cosmetics loves to be a part of.

Whether it’s their range of mineral oil-free and paraben-free Australian Creams MKII or their Native Australian brand, each product is also free from artificial colours and fragrances. They harness the power of natural Australian ingredients for sophisticated skincare that doesn’t break the bank, while still being incredibly effective.

Australian pharmacies and supermarkets already stock this fast-growing brand, and now, thanks to signing with us here at G&M Orient, other countries will get to experience this remarkable skincare for themselves. We are very excited about this partnership and extend G&M Cosmetics a warm welcome into the G&M Orient family.

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