Boost Your Online Grocery Business in Dubai With Market Ready ElGrocer Clone App

Who doesn’t love the convenience of getting things delivered right at the doorstep? We all love right. We are too lazy to get dressed and go grocery shopping on weekends and we do not have time during weekdays. On demand grocery apps have been blessings for us helping to streamline our lives. We can now schedule any party at our house, or cooking a new recipe is so relieving with all ingredients and grocery at your demand. The on demand grocery market in Dubai is growing and witnessing profits, several entrepreneurs are building elgrocer clone app.

What is elgrocer app?

eLGrocer is a renowned UAE based online grocery delivery platform that was founded in 2004. The company partners with different restaurants and food businesses in the UAE offering a convenient online grocery ordering system within the specified areas.

The eLGrocer app is one of the popular grocery delivery app serving hundreds of orders daily. The app is known for being the most convenient and easy one to get all kinds of grocery and other daily essentials delivered right at the doorstep. Thus, today several enterprises and startups are getting interested in building their elGrocer clone app.

How to Monetize Your Online Groceries Delivery App Like elGrocer?

The app functionalities quite appealing to the entrepreneurs to develop an elGrocer clone app. Assuming how to monetize the app, below-mentioned are the multiple ways you can choose from:

Commission based revenue model

It is widely implemented revenue model that today majority of the on demand apps are following. This is one of the lucrative opportunities that increase the profit of your apps from the day you launch the app. Charge a certain commission or a percentage per transaction or on every delivery when booked.

Delivery service cost

The app has its delivery fleet however, you can have your delivery personnel and charge for every delivery made from the users or, you can hire a third-party delivery service provider and charge from them which can be a lump sum amount or some percentage for every delivery made.

Subscription-based revenue

This is another sure shot way to generate revenue through elGrocer clone app by offering subscription plans that your users can’t resist buying. You can monetize the plan by including varied premium services, immediate deliveries, happy hours schedules, food recipes, etc.

Other Ways To Monetize

Apart from these, you can incorporate banner ads on your app as well as your website. Third parties suppliers/vendor ads as well as affiliate marketing. Additionally, you can promote your listed grocery stores/suppliers by featuring them “under top stores”. Also, you can charge a small fee from the grocery store owners that are coming onboard under the “featured” list.

Developing elGrocer Clone App

Building a replica app is not as easy as getting to their level. You might have cloned the app but, making it successful depends on a lot of factors. Choose a white-label app development company that has years of experience in making on demand apps. The reason to choose an experienced company to work with is their app developers have known what it takes to make an app successful. Additionally, they are aware of the ongoing trends and customer expectations while developing grocery delivery app like elGrocer.

They’ll provide you with a live demo to show how the app functions and performs. Buying a readymade elGrocer clone app can benefit you in multiple ways. The clone app script is built on the latest technology stack making it scalable for your future enhancements; also the app is easy on your pockets. Furthermore, you can customize the features, modify the layout and design suiting your business requirements.

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