Boost Your Music With These Guitar EQ Pedals

Equalizer pedals are handy tools that musicians use to fine-tune their music as per their requirements. These pedals play an important role in a musician’s arsenal. 

If you have recently started your career as a guitarist, these pedals are equipment you must have. But which bass guitar EQ pedal should you purchase? Shopping platforms like Amazon have a constantly increasing list of such pedals. 

But of course, you cannot buy all of them. So, here are the top 3 popular bass pedals used by popular artists. All of them are indeed utilitarian – thus, you can consider adding them to your cart.

#1 MXR M109S Six Band EQ Pedal

MXR M109S is a little brother of other MXR products that are comparatively bigger in size and contain more features. This pedal supports six band channels, and that’s why it’s perfect for beginners. Though it has fewer EQ settings, it doesn’t matter because the pedal still offers good quality bass. 

This pedal is built with the highest quality circuitry, wrapped adroitly in an aluminum case. And the biggest advantage of using it is – this pedal offers high decibel gain. Moreover, the aluminum wrap used in it is lightweight. 

That’s why this pedal weighs only 0.5 pounds. Also, it occupies less space, so you can easily put it in your kit bag or even in your pocket and carry it wherever you want.

Here are a few benefits MXR M109S Six Band EQ Pedal offers:

  • Allows the user to boost or cut six different frequencies
  • Offers low-noise floor
  • Comes with LEDs, helping the user to see the controls even during dark
  • Offers true bypass switching, making it the best EQ for bass guitar

#2 BOSS Seven-Band Graphic Bass Equalizer Guitar Pedal

The brand “Boss” is the real boss in making high-quality EQ pedals, and this model is one of them. It’s a popular and artist-preferred pedal as it’s highly durable and small in size. Despite being small in size, this pedal offers a variety of frequency band spectrums specifically designed for high bass. 

Moreover, this model comes with boost reduction and high levels of gain – which every guitarist expects in their EQ. With it, you can have access to seven EQ band pedals – each of which can be easily manipulated by 15 plus, minus, or DB. In addition to these features, it’s a battery-powered model. 

This means you can have this bass pedal handy wherever and whenever you wish to perform. And the best part is – the company offers a five-year warranty on this model. 

Here are some pros of purchasing BOSS Seven-Band Graphic Bass Equalizer Guitar Pedal

  • Seven band EQ processor installed in it
  • Its stompbox is extremely strong
  • This guitar loop pedal is Specifically designed for “bass guitars.”
  • Features durable construction

Other than these two, here are a few more equalizer pedals that you can consider shopping for. All of them are as good as the above two – so they will help you refine your music.

#3 Caline USA EQ equalizer Guitar Effects pedal

#4 Tomsline AEB-3 Bass EQ Analog 5-Band Equalizer Pedal

#5 BOSS Seven-Band Graphic Bass Equalizer Guitar Pedal

#6 MXR M109S Six Band EQ Guitar Effects Pedal

#7 LR Baggs Align Equalizer Acoustic EQ Pedal

#8 Fishman Platinum Pro EQ/DI Analog Preamp Pedal

#9 MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Guitar Effects Pedal

#10 Tech 21 Q\Strip Dual Parametric EQ Instrument DI Pedal

Final Words

Nothing is better than getting a boost in your career in the music industry at the beginning itself. And with these EQ pedals, you can improve your music and get the boost you deserve. Go try these pedals now!