Boost your Kid’s memory with these Tricks and Tips from Nursery School in Ahmedabad

Childhood is all about learning, and learning becomes easier if your child has a strong memory. The ability to capture and recall value is more likely to help your child excel at all levels in life.

So here are some tricks and strategies that you as a parent can adopt which are research-backed to boost your child’s memory.

Tips and Tricks from a Nursery School in Ahmedabad to help improve  your child’s memory

Do not pressurize your child

Stress affects the brain and prevents information flow through to the prefrontal cortex where long-term memory is constructed, therefore children should not be pressurized. Instead, create engaging rituals to make their study experience enjoyable.

A Nursery School in Ahmedabad makes use of various fun activities like music, games, pictures, stories sessions to make the children’s study sessions fun which in turn opens

up the brain networks that lead to memory storage.

Memory games

Memory skills is like a muscle that grows when we make use of it regularly therefore kids should be given more opportunities to use it.

Ask questions whenever they are involved in any kind of activities or when you take them out. 

For eg:- What are you eating? What is it called? or Which vegetables are in it? Which place is this? Teachers of Ahmedabad school make use of this technique to make the child’s recalling capacity excellent.

Read book for them

Reading books for kids is good for their intellectual development so make sure you actively engage your child in reading by telling them stories in an engaging way and asking a lot of questions or asking them to visualize some characters or ask them to recall which stories they like or what have learnt from it.

Teachers at Nursery School in Ahmedabad read books to kids which improves their brain connectivity. increases vocabulary. Kids have many books in baskets nearby so that the baby student is encouraged to approach the place and pick a book that he/ she likes. 

Less screen time and more play

Studies have shown that gadgets reduce the attention span and memory power of children so make sure you keep watch on their screen time. Children learn more by playing, Give them regular toys to play with and adopt some exercise to improve attention and concentration.

Try Games 

Games can be an entertaining way to indulge into play and exercise to improve their memory power.

  • Sequencing and Concentration goes hand in hand, playing a sequencing game like putting things in alphabetical order is a great way to boost their memory power.
  • Another way to improve memory is by playing concentration games like Statue games or seeing one thing for 5 minutes continuously, asking them to do child meditation for 5 minutes or any games that involve their full concentration without moving or fidgeting.
  • Ask your child to spot the difference as it improves focus and concentration.
  • Read or write a sequence of numbers, alphabets and try to skip some number, alphabet,  and ask them to find the missing item.

Ahmedabad school makes sure to adopt games and other concentration activities and exercises which help in strengthening mind-body connections and improves focus.

Healthy Food

Healthy food improves your child’s memory and concentration power. So always put them into the bait of eating healthy habits from childhood.

For eg:- Almonds, eggs, milk has the ability to raise awareness and increase concentration levels!


Like any skill, concentration and memory power can be improved through following these activities consistently. Use these tips at home and enrol your child to the best Nursery School in Ahmedabad where all these activities are already taken care of.

Don’t forget to share these concentration tips with your friends who are parents or other parents in your circle so that they make use of such useful tips. Also, do let us know which tips worked best for your child, in the comments below.