Boost your business capability and capacity -scale your operations for significant benefits: Mike Giannulis

Businesses need to grow. With growth comes the job of selling, and once that gets well and truly underway, you need to deliver all the products to the customers. When capacity and capability are concerned, business scalability is the need of the day. You can plan on future growth, but do you have the capacity? Do you have all the systems, infrastructure, and skilled workforce in place?

Michael Giannulis defines business scaling

Scaling a business means the ability to support the growth of the company. It will allow your venture to grow without the daily processes getting hampered. Keep in mind to grow correctly. You will need the planning, funding, all the right systems and the tech, and the partners. Any failure to do so will result in you putting out fires, trying to maintain smooth operations.

So, the obvious question is how to scale processes and prepare for growth? Let us have a look at what Mike Giannulis has to say on this matter.

Evaluation and planning

The first step is the evaluation of the existing business and the processes. Are you ready for growth? If the orders and sales double tomorrow, will you be able to handle the extra load? Are the systems and the tech platforms up for the task? You need to start with a detailed sales growth forecast by assuming the increase in sales for each month. You also need to do an expense forecast that will consider the addition of new tech and staff, if deemed necessary. The more specific you are in the planning, the more realistic results you achieve.

Take stock of the capital

Scaling the entire operations of the business is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Even for a modest venture, scaling up might include hiring staff, deployment of new tech, the addition of equipment and platforms, reporting, and management systems. Finding money to invest in the scaling up of operations is vital. This will require thorough planning and promotional campaigns to rope in investors. You can bootstrap or look at the line of credits or loans to accelerate growth.

Securing the sales

For making the “big business” sales numbers, you will need the sales infrastructure.

Here are some of the pre-requisites

  • Sufficient lead flow to generate desired lead numbers
  • Marketing systems and tracking systems
  • Sales representative numbers to close leads
  • Robust management platform for the business
  • A functional top-of-the-line billing system


Investing in technology for the automation of some of the processes will make scaling your business less expensive. Automation will increase efficiency as well as minimize error due to a reduction in manual labor. Go for system integration to communicate efficiently with all the departments like marketing, sales, inventory, manufacturing, HR, shipping, and CRM.

Staff recruitment

Technology will provide the much-needed leverage, but you will still require the “hands” to carry out the daily operations. You need the right number of customer service staff, manufacturing experts, sales, and service reps. If you lack the numbers, look into recruiting or hiring a third-party agency to supply you with the workforce.

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