Boost vs. Ensure Nutritional Drinks – Which one to Buy?

Ensure and Boost are two well-known manufacturers of premixed and powdered nutritional supplements. You might wonder how exactly the two lines differ since they offer several similar things. This article compares boost vs. ensure nutritional drinks according to their flavors, nutrition, and weight gain effectiveness and guarantees to show how they differ.

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Ensure and Boost products

1: Ensure and Boost are two well-known premixed nutritional drinks. It has long been used in healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes to encourage weight gain, avoid unintended weight gain, and for more specific purposes like wound healing or surgical recovery.

However, these items are also given or suggested to the general population by physicians and nutritionists for several reasons. It includes weight growth and weight loss and supporting a comprehensive and balanced diet.

2: The Ensure and Boost nutritional drink product ranges include several items. Many of the goods from both companies properly map or pair together. However, sometimes one brand may have an impact that the other needs an appropriate counterpart for.

3: To speed up recovery after surgery, Ensure also produces other goods. Although the products from Ensure and Boost are premixed, both companies also sell Original-style powder.

Which Tastes Better Boost or Ensure?

Taste is a personal matter; not everyone has the same preferences. The influence of several medications, illnesses, and advanced age further complicates the subjectivity of taste.

Therefore, you might believe the opposite of what tastes good and vice versa. Don’t allow the results of the taste comparison alone to influence your decision to buy at this point.

Both brands come in various flavors, but since chocolate and vanilla are the most generally accessible and well-liked flavors, people typically opt for those.

Better Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Both Boost and Ensure contain necessary vitamins, but Boost offers some of them in higher concentrations. It includes vitamins C, E, D, K, B6, and B12. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E shield cells from oxidative damage.

Boost Breeze

Calcium absorption is aided by vitamin D, which is crucial for strong bones. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and may benefit older persons’ bone health. Vitamin B6 and B12 requirements must be met to prevent anemia.

Boost or Ensure to Gain Weight?

1: You gain weight by consistently consuming more calories than you require each day (calorie surplus). The ideal way to achieve this is to drink at least three meals daily, separated by calorie-dense snacks.

2: If you’re stuck for inspiration, consider a very high-calorie nutritional drink for weight gain. You can enhance your calorie intake and put on weight by taking Boost or Ensure.

3: Your meals should contain more calories than either can offer. It would help if you didn’t utilize them as a meal substitute. These are great calorie boosters for weight gain to have between meals.

4: Compared to the Originals, Ensure or Boost Plus provide 50–59% more calories, making them a superior choice for weight growth. In terms of calories, Ensure Plus and Boost Plus are very identical. Therefore, you should pick one based on aspects that may be significant to you, such as taste and price.

5: Besides having a lot of calories, Ensure or Boost Plus can make you gain weight. Because liquid calories sometimes fill you up less than solid ones do. They are excellent if you have trouble getting enough calories each day because of a low appetite.

6: You can use both as the liquid base for homemade high-calorie shakes and smoothies to add even more calories. For smoothies and shakes that will help you gain weight, try these ingredients:

  • Frozen berries.
  • Bananas.
  • Avocado.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Oats.
  • Greek yogurt.
  • Whole-fat milk.
  • Heavy whipping cream.

Place Ensure or Boost nutrition drinks in a blender with the desired ingredients and ice, and blend until smooth. To ensure a smooth, lump-free texture when adding oats, grind them into a fine powder before adding other elements.

The components should be chosen based on the flavor of the Ensure or Boost, as some ingredients go better with particular flavors than others. Vanilla, for instance, goes great with avocado and frozen blueberries, and white chocolate goes well with bananas and peanut butter.

The bottom line

There needs to be a clear winner between Ensure and Boost Plus. Because they offer similar calories, both are excellent mini meals. 

Among the offerings from each brand, the Original items are the most well-liked and accessible.

In every comparison, according to the participants’ opinions. Ensure outperformed Boost, except the one between Milk and Rich Chocolate Boost Plus. The Plus products are one of the best ways to gain weight in all scenarios since they offer 50–59% more calories than the Originals. Boost and Ensure are available online and at most retailers selling health products.


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