Boost the workload and productivity of employees in quarantine with these 3 tools

Living in a fast-paced world means we have expectations of how quickly everything needs to happen and the urgency of it. The current situation has thrown many organizations off their normal routine by forcing many to work from home. This can be challenging for startups as well as many other well-established companies.

If you and your team are new to remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to monitor workload and collaborate collectively. There is a range of different tools that you can use to help productivity and help your colleagues get things done during this uncertain time.

The vast majority of organisations have never been faced with such a situation and so choosing a platform or an app that compliments your business can be hard due to the sheer number of tools available. As a business, you have to consider a number of features and requirements you will need when choosing a tool. The most important feature of any great tool however is the user experience of it and how easy it is for everyone to access and use. Below we are going to look at 3 tools that will help you and your team be more productive and optimise workload in the current pandemic. is a platform that lets teams create and track projects and workflow. The interface of the tool is dynamic which makes it easy to plan, track and manage everything that your team is working on. The tool allows you to assign specific assignments to team members as well as add deadlines, make comments and add budgets. 

(Image from demonstrates how the dashboard looks for a project)

The platform also allows you to create dashboards for your team and its workload. What this enables you to do is manage everything happening in the business and your employees in real-time. It makes it transparent for everyone to see making collaboration easier and helps you and your employees keep on top of things. The tool can be used online or on your smartphone in-app form working well with smartwatches, making it one of the best management tools on the market today. 


Slack is definitely one of those platforms that makes work that little bit more fun and entertaining. The tool has an option to share emoji reactions and add GIFs to a conversation making it a little less serious and a bit more playful in comparison to its competition, helping to build morale and conversation between employees. 

(Image from Slack demonstrates how easy it is to converse and share files via the platform)

However, the most powerful element of this tool is how seamlessly and easily it connects co-workers together. The platform makes file sharing super easy, simple and fast. The tool lets you remind yourself or a co-worker about tasks that need to be completed and allows you to easily integrate the tool with other programs such as Asana or Google Calendar. Because of its easy to use nature, it is a great tool for any team working remotely. 


ClickUp is a great project management tool that allows you to create to-do-lists and track tasks of overall projects. The tool also allows you to create and add documents, including spreadsheets and notes. If that wasn’t enough, the tool also enables you to converse with teammates to discuss deadlines and projects all in one place. ClickUp is the ideal tool for integrating everything all in one place. It is easy to use like the above tools and has a similar user interface to 

(Image demonstrates ClickUp dashboard for project management)

Investing in one of these tools will help you and your team stay on top of workload and it will help increase collaboration during this uncertain time. Without an end date in sight and the uncertainty of returning back to normality, it is imperative to find new ways of working to keep your business afloat. Much work is now conducted online and the option to still work from home is great, using the tools above helps to amplify the productivity of your employees and helps give a general overview of the business.

Transparency is key when working remotely and these tools above can help give you the clarity that you desire. As businesses become increasingly affected by the duration of lock-down, using the tools above can have a beneficial impact especially for small business owners. Using the tools is fun and easy, making them attractive for employees to use. 

The fowl of collaboration through an organisation is the key to success. Using the tools within your business can help to connect employees around the world. You may have employees who are sitting within different time zones which mean their working days differ from one another. Using tools like the one mentioned above can help teams work on projects and managers manage their teams and employees better.