Boost Circulation and Support Your Lymphatic System with Trampolines

While losing weight is a great way to stay healthy, paying more attention to your circulatory system is a better way to cleanse your blood and lymphatic fluid of toxins and other chemicals. Think of your lymphatic systems as a network of vessels that reach different parts of your body. If there’s a blockage on any of the tubes, there will be an accumulation of pollutants that could lead to infections. To keep the flow going, you need to make sure that you know how to help the circulation pumping.


Activities that boost your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation

Exercising regularly is a great way to boost your circulatory system. You don’t even need to go to the gym to exercise, consider getting a mini fitness trampoline, and exercising from the comfort of your home. For more details on that visit 

Are there other activities that can improve the health of your circulatory system?

Drinking plenty of water

A large part of our body fluid is made up of water. If you don’t drink water, you’ll be dehydrated and your blood volume will reduce. As a result, there will be undue taxation on your circulatory system.

When you pee, the water-soluble toxins will be flushed put. This shows you how important adequate hydration is for kidney function.


Eating healthy

Healthy eating is beneficial to all aspects of our health. The lymphatic fluid comprises of immune cells and their strength depends on the quality of food we eat. When you eat a balanced diet it not only helps you with weight control but also improves your immunity.

Getting a massage

Massage stimulates the fluids within our bodies to keep flowing. Research has shown that applying pressure to different parts of the body reduces inflammation, helps alleviate pain, and speeds up the recovery process.

A good analogy, in this case, is applying pressure on the tube to get the toothpaste out.


Try vibration therapy

It seems quite obvious that shaking up the body gets the blood flowing. Shaking the body with vibration ultimately increases cardiovascular circulation and lymph flow. This kind of therapy usually impacts the blood nearer to the skin.


Manual lymph drainage

Some therapists are trained in lymphatic drainage therapy technique. They target specific parts of the lymph system to activate circulation. As a result, the functions of the immune and nervous system are stimulated. These therapists can detect different parts of the body where there are blockages or irregular flow patterns.

Some of the benefits of this technique include the reduction of inflammatory responses, detoxifications, regeneration of tissues, and deep relaxation.



Different types of exercising such as jumping on a trampoline are very effective in boosting the circulation in our bodies. While the blood movement is dependent on the pumping of the heart, the lymph fluid is dependent on physical exercise to flow. You can see how the up-and-down rebounding movement on a trampoline opens up our lymphatic system.

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