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Back pain, weight gain, weak nerves, stiff neck: These symptoms do not always have to be treated with medication. Yoga classes, in which you can restore your mental and physical balance, help many people with certain illnesses. Therefore, yoga is an effective way not only to find relaxation and develop nerve strength but also to alleviate the symptoms of mental and physical illnesses.

And opening a yoga studio is a good idea to invest in and strengthen a healthy lifestyle in your city. You can offer reliable and thoughtful management immediately and set yourself apart from the competition by installing booking software.

This article is about how yoga studio software can help make routine tasks easier and improve customer service in your yoga studio.

What are the advantages of booking an appointment online?

Thanks to online appointment booking, you can optimize the daily work processes in the studio, retain customers and increase sales.

What are the special features of the appointment software?

Appointment booking is just one aspect that concerns successful interaction with the client, while the app also aims to improve the management of staff, resources, finances, and marketing. For example, the digital calendar makes monitoring the studio and the yoga teachers easier. It prevents courses or coaching from being sold past the studio’s checkout.

Customer communication in a yoga studio

As a rule, if you want to register for a yoga class, you call the studio. However, various studies show that almost every third person in Germany rarely uses the telephony function. Our generation is already socialized with other communication channels and usually opts for simpler alternatives.

Also, many stop making phone calls as they are too busy during the day to spend much time on hold. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go: Most of the time, making phone calls is too uncomfortable. Not to mention making an appointment.

If the customer calls, the question arises about whether he can quickly reach someone in the studio. Can you ensure the caller immediately gets a contact person on the line? Also, at some point, your yoga studio closes, and then there is no chance for those who want to book a class later to do so. As a result, you don’t attract new clients, and people choose other client-centric studios with more flexible booking options.

So, registering for yoga over the phone is possible but not very practical for your customers and the studio. Appointment booking programs are an efficient alternative to simple phone calls.

Booking function for appointment allocation

Yoga studio management software is a business breakthrough, an easy way to improve service levels.

First, customers can find suitable slots in their schedule by themselves. Suppose you correctly enter the information about available yoga teachers, rooms, yoga types, and places for specific dates and times. In that case, the calendar will automatically suggest suitable dates to the customer based on the options selected.

Second, in the widget, you can set the order of the data fields, e.g., B. First, the type of training, then several specialists, and finally, the available slots.

Third, most appointment software providers provide automatic appointment notifications and reminders. The only difference is the price of the feature and the number of communication channels (email, SMS, messenger).

The software for automating yoga centers can be easily and quickly adapted to any company’s needs; thanks to this, the tasks at hand can be solved quickly and efficiently. Online appointment booking helps to:

  • various work steps are optimized;
  • you get the chance to retain new customers;
  • the studio turnover increases sharply.

Automatic online booking lets you get comprehensive information about the store in real-time – from the number of visitors per day to studio occupancy and a list of the most popular services.

Analysis of customer needs will help you to create an optimized schedule and expand or reduce the range of services. This increases your employees’ productivity and your studio’s overall profitability.

EasyWeek is software that can be configured flexibly and is, therefore already used in many industries. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the program in detail.

The 10 most important functions of the EasyWeek software for yoga centers

The EasyWeek system was launched in 2018, is currently available in 24 languages, and combines many functions that could be useful when working in a yoga studio:

  1. Customers can book, reschedule or cancel yoga appointments online with just one click. Available dates, times, and teacher profiles are immediately found in the widget.
  2. Thanks to the direct booking link that can be placed in your studio’s social media profiles, all users can book appointments with you, even if they see your profile.
  3. Using different links for different social networks lets you see the booking sources most users choose in the statistics. This allows the studio’s advertising to be better designed.
  4. It is possible to create a QR code to make an appointment online.
  5. Even if you run your own small yoga studio and opt for a free plan, you get a website that EasyWeek powers. The website is modular and has an integrated booking widget.
  6. Your managers spend less time doing manual work. The service offers several tools that can be used to provide timely notification of upcoming classes to all clients and yoga teachers.
  7. Customizable newsletters and notifications improve customer retention.
  8. Payroll, salary, and commission statements are available in the finance module.
  9. Several ways are offered to effectively manage the yoga gear and the products for sale.
  10. The system has a clear interface, a mobile application for studio operators, and mobile and desktop versions of the website, making it easy to book yoga classes on the go.


The feature-rich yoga center software supports all studio operations and helps yoga center managers and owners to focus on other things.

Set up EasyWeek to see how your yoga studio is doing in real-time. Our system is priced according to your chosen plan, meaning you only pay for the tools you consider important.

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