Book Review of Kamala Harris – Phenomenal Woman by Chidanand

Created by the well-known writer and journalist Chidanand Rajghatta, “Kamala Harris – Phenomenal Woman” is a biography that shows the many identities of Kamla [AM1] Harris. The book throws light on the life incidents [AM2] of Kamala Harris, the first woman vice-president of the United States Of [AM3] America (USA).

She is the first woman of Indian origin and the first lady to reach this prominent position in the United States Of [AM4] America. The book includes her involvement in California polities and the Senate before her presidential run. The most remarkable journey of Kamala Harris in her biography is the one with her mother. She was the daughter of a breast-cancer scientist, an Indian mother and a Jamaican Father at Stanford University professor of economics[AM5]. Kamala Harris broke the glass ceiling of patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism in the US to reach where she is today.

The book focuses on Kamala’s challenges and her victory despite criticism coming from people. The book celebrates the barrier-breaking path as the [AM6] woman of color occupies one of the highest offices in the USA. The story of her Indian Jamaican [AM7] root is extremely interesting and how the woman of mixed race has risen and outshined. Kamala Harris is an inspirational figure and truly an icon of achievement, ambition, and empowerment.

Chindanand [AM8] Rajghatta has beautifully penned down the life of Kamala Harris. From her rise to her candidature, her struggles, and finally surviving in the middle [AM9] of all this makes it a [AM10] engaging read. He has written this book primarily for the children of mixed race and their generation. With Kamala Harris – The Phenomenal Woman, the author celebrates the life and career of America’s first woman president who made history. All in all, it’s an impressive story of an inspirational woman. And all those who have been told that their race, caste, creed, and immigration status are likely to come in the way of their success, it’s a must-read.