What is a book report?

 A book report is a summary of the main points and arguments conveyed by the author. It is objective and may include implied arguments interpreted by the reader and backed by the author’s text. All arguments made in the report must be objective and backed by evidence in the text.

Types of Book Reports

  • Plot summaries

Explain your understanding of the book with specific examples in the said book

  • Character analysis

Explain the personalities of different characters in the book based on your understanding and review but backed by the content of the book

  • Theme analysis

They explore a particular theme in the book that the author is driving at. The theme is explained and expounded with examples in the book

Components of a Book Report

  • The Type of Book report
  • The title of the Book report
  • The Author
  • The timing of the events
  • Location of the events
  • Names of the characters


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