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When looking for wedding cars for brides and grooms feverishly sorting out random possibilities, there is no guarantee that their expectations will be met. That is why we are ready to offer our help to everyone who values ​​accuracy and decency. The advantages are the following:

  • high professionalism and correctness in working with clients;
  • many years of experience in providing the widest range of wedding services;
  • possession of the most relevant information on the vehicle fleet and rental conditions of wedding cars;
  • Close cooperation with car services in Toronto and providing practical assistance in concluding contracts.

We worked for you

By reading this article, customers get a lot of privileges, namely:

  • can choose any wedding car presented in our catalog;
  • make an individual order on the exterior design of the wedding procession;
  • ensure timely and convenient delivery to any number of its guests;
  • get rid of the need to spend time looking for a car;
  • have the ability to plan the time, route, number of cars, and other related issues;

To summarize

As can be seen from the above, ordering a car for a wedding with Toronto Limousine means putting the entire burden of transportation problems on their reliable shoulders. It would be utterly inappropriate to trust such a responsible event to random carriers or one-day companies. After reviewing our customer feedback, it is easy to ensure that over the years our activities have always justified the trust of their customers. As for the payment for services, it mainly depends on the type (brand) of the car, the number of equipment units, and the lease term.

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of our lives. Many people plan this day a few months in advance and some even a year before the ceremony. You need to think a lot and buy and order a lot: plan the date, wedding scenario, and venue, find a photographer, florist, buy or rent a dress, order wedding invitations and do a lot of important preparatory work. One of the very important things to take seriously is to choose a car in which you will drive around the city and surprise everyone around you. Everything, of course, depends on the budget. If your budget allows, then you can “speed up” a bit and indulge in some non-standard but luxurious car at least once in your life. Below is a list of ten luxury cars in which you can drive the bride very brightly and surprise the guests,

  • Almost everyone wants to drive a Rolls-Royce. The price of one Rolls Royce Phantom is around 450,000 USD, and all the benefits within it will make you feel like a king, at least at the wedding. The Phantom was first launched into mass production in 1925 and has since become quite popular when choosing a wedding car. Rental prices average $ 352 / hour.
  • The world was first seen by the Princess of Austin in 1947 and it was one of the most expensive models from Austin. The seats in all original models are upholstered with expensive high-quality leather. This will suit both the newlyweds and the groom and witnesses. You can rent such a car for an average of 227/3 hours.
  • The Bentley Arnage is a true aristocratic car. It is much cheaper than the same Phantom, only $ 227 per hour.
  • Aston Martin is a famous luxury sports car. He gained the most fame because he was a James Bond machine. So you can seriously surprise your guests and the bride for only $ 250 an hour.


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