Boat Parties: How to organize memorable ones

One of the best moments of the cruise are the encounters and the possibility of making new friends, both on board and during stops in the bay and in the ports. A good opportunity to get together is to organize a nice boat party.

Parties on board a yacht or a boat are the best because you are surrounded by nature, enjoying splendid views, diving and swimming and the opportunities for fun multiply. Sometimes they are born by chance and are simply improvised on the wave of enthusiasm for being together. On other occasions, however, you can plan to perfection to be sure that everything is perfect.

Here then is what absolutely must not be missing if you want to organize simply unforgettable boat parties.

Finding the location for boat parties

First you have to find the right location. In fact, in many ports and marinas, even though it is not expressly prohibited, it is absolutely not a good idea to continue making noise and revelry for hours, especially in the evening hours, both to avoid problems with neighbours who prefer relaxation and to avoid complaints from the managers of the structure who in extreme cases can even decide to invite you to abandon your mooring.

The beauty of the boat, however, is that it allows you to navigate and move wherever you want. The ideal would be to find a bay or an isolated stretch of coast where you won’t disturb anyone even with the music at full volume. Not exactly easy at peak season, but you can try.

Boat in order and set up in party mode

Another fundamental element is organizing the space on board so that everything is tidy, clean and nobody gets hurt. In fact, sailboats are complex, full of equipment that are used to navigate and moor the boat. Many parts are metal and must be properly arranged as well as protected to avoid damaging them during the celebrations. Even the ropes must be correctly coiled or placed in special bags placed in the cockpit and on the deck so that nobody trips over them. Portholes and openings along the deck should be closed to prevent anyone from stepping in while moving or dancing. Accessories and components that are not needed, it is better to get them out of the way, otherwise they will be lost, broken or accidentally thrown into the water.

But what to do when you don’t have your own boat? If you want to organize a party on board a yacht or a sailboat, just rely on yachts for charter service, thanks to which you can comfortably and safely rent a yacht for your holidays at sea, during which you can organize all parties that cross your mind!

Shade, relaxation areas and water games

It is also good to make both external and internal spaces as comfortable as possible. Of course, you can take advantage of the cockpit seats, the sun loungers, the stern beaches and every part of the boat dedicated to relaxation, but you can also think of setting up hammocks or resorting to special inflatable boat puffs or puffs made of soft fabrics that fit any shape.

If your boat has a shortage of built-in seating or your party is starting to reach capacity, extra seating options will be crucial. Better to also organize some shaded areas where you can protect yourself from the sun’s rays, so make way for canopies and awnings and additional towels to be arranged properly in case the wind picks up. As far as space is concerned, it would also be ideal to have not just one boat available, but more boats to be moored nearby and thus expand the relaxation and entertainment areas. The most suitable boats for parties are naturally multihulls that can enjoy large cockpits and sunbathing areas, and of course yachts. If the space on board is not enough, you may be forced to get creative.

Being on the water is precisely the element that distinguishes a party on board, so why not make the most of it with water games, floating platforms and inflatable slides?

Cocktails, snacks and tasty grilled food

Another fundamental element for the success of the party are drinks and food. There is no self-respecting party on board without excellent cocktails to sip while overlooking the sea. Once the galley is set up with wine, spirits and fresh fruit juices, it would be better to entrust the preparation of drinks to one or more people by setting up a special space on deck with a portable fridge, ice and a worktop. As for food, snacks, appetizers, finger food dishes or fruit salads can be prepared long before the guests arrive, while for the main courses you can use a nice barbecue which is always much appreciated for grilling meat, fish and vegetables.

The barbecue is generally positioned at the stern of the boat, or in any case downwind, thanks to special brackets with which to fix it firmly to the pulpits, in order to keep it overboard and not to dirty the deck, especially the teak, with possible drippings of fat.

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