BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C BMW Diagnostic Tool Kit

BMW ICOM Next original is an original BMW part and API functions as the official supplier for independent service centers for BMW in the United States. ISTA and ISTA/P are teamed with this diagnostic and programming equipment and it works well with BMW’s OSS (Online Service System) as well as ISPI Next. It can sync with your desktop, ISID as well as LAN and Wi-Fi network connection.

The ICOM Next A is compatible with the latest BMW automobiles with OBC connectivity. You can also use ICOM Next B for cars with the MOST connector as well as go for ICOM Next C for cars with 20-pin connector.


  • It runs on software version v2020.03
  • It supports Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It supports all BMW car models right from E/F/G series, BMW motorcycle and electric vehicles and MINI along with Rolls Royce
  • It has multiple language support: American English, Chinese, Japanese, UK English, German, Swedish, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, French, Greek, Indian, Polish, Czech as well as Turkish.
  • It runs on Window 7 System, 32 bit 4G RAM or more
  • It is been used for BMW diagnostics, programming as well as coding, single engineer, iTool radar and more. It also supports new feature activation and updating of module system.
  • Enhanced cryptographic services
  • CRI approved DPA Parent portfolio
  • Storage of key without un-cloning functionality
  • Safe supply chain surety
  • No availability of data on tamper detection

The right way to use ICOM Next A+B+C:

  • Connect your vehicle with ICOM A2
  • Connect the LAN cable with computer as soon the as system lights ends flashing.
  • Expert Mode with NCS, E-sys
  • Simple to install and now just insert in the laptop
  • You don’t need any dongle.

The software list of ICOM Next A+B+C:

ISPI Next: The ISPI Next from BMW is its recent gen after service BMW tool. It entails the basic functions of Aftersales Information Research in Service.

IST A/D: The full form is- Integrated Service Technical Application/ Diagnostic. It helps in diagnosing the BMW cars from all systems.

ISTA A/P: The full form is- Integrated Service Technical Application/ Programming.  It helps to process all coded and programmed and to run dependent control modules in the vehicles of BMW group.

Rheingold: It diagnoses and repairs

KSD: The Commercial Service Data has invaluable data to determine labor hours, evaluation sheets and usual service methods. It also has details of wheel and rims of different car models.

EasyConnect: It helps in configuring the environment parameter of Engineer software for BMW E-series.

IToolRadar: It helps in recognizing iCOM and to activate or release ICOM port.

ETK: It is the accessories catalog.

INPA: Engineer software to diagnose E-series

EDIABAS Tool32: It is the engineer software for E-series model and can run directly.

NCS Expert tool: It is the coding software for E-series

WinKFP: It is the programming software for E-series

E-sys: It is the engineer software for F series:

Coding database

Coding tool

The package list of ICOM Next comprises of:

  1. ICOM Next Multiplexer
  2. BMW 20pin cable
  3. BMW ICOM B Most
  4. LAN Cable
  5. USB Cable
  6. Wi-Fi adapter
  7. OBDII cable
  8. 2019.12 software hard disk for diagnostic and programming