BLUE TONE SKIP HIRE: We take all the toxicity away from you.

Even an empty house gets dusty. It is something we just cant rule out. Breaking all the laws of nature as we already are, we still can not eliminate waste. We are made to consume and consume we must. This can generate wastes that make the tallest landfill so very tall. All we can do is manage it better so that it does not get too taxing on our environment. At Skip Hire Services Hornchurch, we are committed to managing your waste with utmost efficiency so that your wastes do no harm to living standards of humans now and for generations to come.

Skip Hire Services Hornchurch is just a call away. On receiving your call, our dedicated staff will help you pick out the skip you might need. Skips are big metallic waste receptacles that are usually top loading. Their sizes vary from measurements of 2 yards up tp 10 yards. A good 20- 100 bags of garbage unit can fit in skips. There are segments to assort your waste into biodegradable and non biodegradable categories. Chemicals, glass, plastic, clinical wastes, contaminated soil or radioactive wastes are all taken care of by our family owned business. Assortment and appropriate disposal is good practice that puts less pressure on the surrounding environment.

Electronic waste is another venture that we undertake at Skip Hire Services Loughton. We are actively adding value back to society by sorting out electronic waste that can be hazardous if left out to rough weathering of its components. We salvage for parts and then transform and upgrade them to raw materials.

Construction waste is another problem that can arise while undertaking personal projects or having renovation work done. Laying down a drive way or redesigning a garden can lead to a lot of rubble, wood and other material.

Now that your waste has been dumped in the skips, our service comes to pick it up in time. BLUETONE has friendly staff that will assist an guide you all the way through.

Do not take any chances with your waste. Call us today.