Blockchain Development – Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

“What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.”
Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM)

There was a time when purchasing cryptocurrencies was a luxury. In fact, people had trust issues with crypto trading. Therefore, investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum trading was considered the endeavor for the nerds. But, today, from individuals to small and medium enterprises and big conglomerates are turning to cryptocurrencies and blockchain development.

Why So? With the passage of time blockchain enabled exchange platform for crypto trading and business software solutions proved their integrity, security, and ease in digital transactions. It’s no more a mystery how decentralized blockchain networks operate. Today, hiring a blockchain smart contract development agency is one of the most trusted ways to do business.

We are heading towards more intense blockchain transformation. Most industry professionals believe that the impact of blockchain technology for the businesses will be enormous. For example, a reliable cryptocurrency hardware wallet gives you the privilege of enjoying the most secure mode of holding and using your cryptocurrency funds.

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Blockchain is transforming our social and economic systems.

According to Transparency Market Research Report 2017, the blockchain technology market is anticipated to be worth 20billion USD by 2024. Moreover, the enterprises are making an average investment of 1million USD in the blockchain projects. Whereas, IBM alone is investing $200 million in the blockchain-powered IoT. Even the banks are experimenting with blockchain technology to reduce their operation and infrastructure cost.

Blockchain is also transforming the foundation of our social system. The future seems to be far more decentralized than today because blockchain is likely to be fully integrated into our socio-economic infrastructure. It’s the next big thing for accounting and finance. So, as an entrepreneur, you should know how to manage your business and finance better by investing in blockchain development.

Blockchain wallets is a necessity if you want to take the financial management of your business to a whole new level. It is mandatory to experience the full potential of a peer-to-peer network within a blockchain system.

While no system is entirely hackproof, blockchain-based networks and apps are significantly more secure than anything else we are using today. You can create your own blockchain in visiting this website.

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How Trustworthy your Cryptocurrency Wallet Is? It depends on number of factors.

There is a lot of blockchain ground to cover. You will learn things over time, but here we have collected a few essential considerations demanding you a little extra focus while choosing a cryptocurrency wallet.

Company Reliability:

Consider the company’s market reputation and for how long it’s in the business. Check if they have the best data management practices; ensuring no defected software, no hacking incidents, and no cryptocurrency losses. Seek for the reviews about how they store and manage data on their servers.

Do your homework and research thoroughly to get the most reputable blockchain wallet development company on board. 

Technologies Involved:

Cryptocurrency users seek for comfort and security, but open source wallets allow the intermediaries to review their coding; means anything missed will be widely reported. It’s right at one end, but users will feel less secure while using the wallets with proprietary code. If you want to identify what’s under the hood, you need to be sure about the technologies used in wallet development.

Ledger enhances Blockchain applications security using Intel technology |  Ledger

Mass consumption isn’t possible with glitchy wallets. So, make sure where your private key is stored (it will be risky if stored on a third-party server, you should hold it) and how effectively they use multi-signature, and 2-factor authentication attributes to ensure secure transactions. Learn about the functionality potential of your preferred wallet over the TOR network.

Multiple Currencies:

Don’t limit yourself. Always get a wallet offering multiple-currency holding features. Reason? The majority of the exchange platforms work with different cryptocurrencies. Therefore, your wallet should leverage all the possibilities – you may want to expand your crypto trading to other currencies.

Get yourself familiar with all the wallets and exchanges and what currencies they support. For example, Coinomi is one of the most popular mobile wallets that supports multiple currencies whereas Mycelium is famous as a Bitcoin-only wallet.

Backup Mechanism:    

Make sure that your prospective crypto wallet has proper backup features. It means you can even use it on a dead computer. Your software wallet must have an appropriate backup procedure – password, rescue link, and applicable pass phrases to retrieve everything back and operational again.

Confirm these features support to move up the security with 2FA among others.

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Conversion Attribute:

Now, if you opt for multiple currencies you need a wallet with handy integration of cryptocurrency conversion. It should be rightly built into your digital wallet. This useful feature installed in your wallet will make your internet-assisted crypto trading quite easy.

Make sure your prospective wallet supports the conversion rates for all the cryptocurrencies across the industries just like an exchange platform containing all currencies with their conversion rates. 

Furthermore, check for the shared account feature and whether or not you can use it across multiple platforms. Also, QR codes scanner are necessary for mobile wallets – should function seamlessly.

Hopefully, with all these features in your mind, you can easily make a well-informed decision of getting the right cryptocurrency wallet.