Blockchain development: 6 striking tips to help you in hiring professional developers

Do you plan to launch a blockchain development project? If so, then you might require a Solidity programmer to help you. The programming language is critical in solidity smart contract development. Thus, professionals in solidity development are in high demand as the popularity of blockchain keeps rising. If you’re looking for the best Solidity developer, you must understand the attributes to consider when hiring one. Here, we share great tips to help you pick a senior solidity developer for your Blockchain development.

Who is a professional in Solidity Blockchain development?

A professional in solidity development knows the solidity smart contract development process. Furthermore, such an expert can help you create decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are the primary roles of a Solidity programmer:

  • Development of dApps: A Solidity developer knows how to create decentralized applications. These dApps are just like any other apps except that they operate on a decentralized ledger. So, they eliminate third parties from a transaction.
  • Creation of smart contracts: digital contracts are famous in the blockchain world as they expedite transactions and remove intermediaries from a settlement. The dApps depend on these contracts, which help exchange cash, stocks, and other assets.
  • ICO development: A senior solidity developer can help you create tokens and launch them on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to hire a professional Solidity programmer

To embark on web3 and solidity development, you must identify the right expert to help you. However, finding the right Solidity developer isn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with information before approaching the market. Here are the essential qualities to check when evaluating a Solidity developer for your blockchain development:

1.  Understanding of Solidity

A solidity developer on discord and other websites should demonstrate a deeper understanding of Solidity language and smart contracts. Developers must understand the various use cases of digital agreements. This knowledge can help the developer to figure out the best contracts to develop for your enterprise.

2.  Knowledge of decentralized applications (dApp)

Blockchain development requires dApps to run various programs. The Solidity language helps in developing these decentralized applications. So, you must make sure that the developer you want to hire understands how to create these dApps.

3.  Choose a developer who knows how crypto wallets work.

A crypto storage app is a piece of software that keeps secret keys, usernames, PINs, and other critical information. Its function is to distribute and receive cryptocurrencies. Also, a blockchain wallet can help you know your balances and conduct other blockchain settlements. The storage app takes multiple forms. Its private keys are kept in a safe hardware gadget inaccessible to outside interfaces. For web3 and solidity development, you require a programmer with deep knowledge of crypto wallets.

4.  Knowledge of blockchain structure

An experienced Solidity developer understands the structure of a decentralized ledger. Remember, some programmers know how to code but lack knowledge of blockchain architecture. Such developers might not understand the features to incorporate into the code. And this might injure the safety of your platform. So, ensure that the developer you pick understands the blockchain architecture for successful Blockchain development.

5.  Check their work portfolio.

An experienced Solidity developer has a portfolio of the projects they’ve delivered in the past. The developer’s portfolio helps you to evaluate their quality of service. So, you need to check their website for samples. Suffice to say, a company with many years of experience should have a considerable portfolio.

6.  Sentiments of the past clients

A programmer focused on producing high-quality services enjoys raving reviews from previous clients. The clients provide positive feedback because of the developer’s impeccable Solidity development solutions. A preponderance of negative reviews indicates that the developer lacks the experience to provide Solidity development solutions. So, it’s advisable to avoid such developers.


Working with the right Blockchain development professional can boost the success of your business. A Solidity developer is one of the required experts when creating your blockchain solution. You can find a solidity developer on discord or any other platform. However, it would help if you evaluated a developer before hiring them. Here, we’ve explored the professional tips and tricks to help you choose the right Solidity expert.