Blister packaging: The packaging that enhances your product

Made-to-measure, blister packaging arrived to revolutionize the market in product safety issues and improve sales attraction. 

Transparent blister packaging are packages widely used by the pharmaceutical industry. You know that transparent pack coated with plastic and aluminium foil in which we see many medications? This package is called blister.

These packages have several benefits. One of the benefits is the individual packaging of the product, as each unit is packaged separately from the others, helping to control the quantity consumed, product integrity and protection. Packaged in translucent plastic blister, this type of packaging, in addition to protecting the product, is also very functional to facilitate the sale, allowing the customer to see the product without having to remove it from the packaging.

Benefits of blister packs

Now that you know a little about what blisters are, it’s time to talk about the advantages of this type of packaging. Check below:

Safe and hygienic packaging

One of the priorities when it comes to packaging products is safety. Blister packaging is considered one of the safest on the market, ensuring the integrity of the products. Both during transport and at the exhibition.

Prevents product contamination

As it is a safe package that protects the capsules from manipulation, blisters prevent product contamination.

Prevents oxidation of the active ingredient

The blisters protect the active principle from oxidation as well. Oxidation of active principles or adjuvants is usually accompanied by a change in the color of the product and can reduce the effectiveness of the product.

More protection against air humidity

The packaging still protects against air humidity by sealing the capsules in the pack. This protection preserves the integrity of the product.

Better product presentation

Often the material used is transparent plastic, which allows the consumer to see exactly what he is taking home. 

Packaging that can add value to the product

Thermoplastic packaging such as the blister type has a great advantage over others: it enhances the product at the time of sale and promotes its protection.

Unlike other types of packaging, the blister allows the customer to see what is being purchased without having to remove it from the packaging.

This allows the product not to be scratched or even dirty with dust or with the own fat emitted by the human body through the hands.

Packaging must have an attractive design, highlight the product and be attractive to the customer. Even more so knowing that there are some types of customers who buy some products just for the packaging.

The blisters, in turn, make the customer see if that product is the best purchase option or not. But know that it is not just any blister pack that produces this effect.

It needs to be well done, with quality material so as not to overshadow the visualization of the product and not be with visual marketing or information pollution.

The best blister packs are those that are given good planning beforehand. Which have the most relevant information to the consumer, without taking the focus off the product, working with the right colors.

That demonstrates the brand in a valued way and also allows for the benefits and understanding of the product purchased there.

In short…

Blister packs are more practical, safe and hygienic.

The blister has more uses than you might think

Add the blister now to your shopping list. Ideal for keeping your products well protected and ensuring visibility for your customers.

And best of all: this packaging can be used in the most diverse products!

You can find blisters in the trade of:

  • Electronic products;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Foods;
  • Clothing (mainly underwear);
  • Toys;
  • Miscellaneous accessories;
  • Among so many others.

Now tell us: what have you been doing to pack your products and present them to your customers? Show us your packaging ideas and what you think of the blister idea.

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