Blinds With Curtains: 9 Ways to Layer Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains in the usual sense are two options, from which you need to choose one to decorate the room.

But why choose when you can pair both together?

Blinds with curtains add functionality and enhance the overall image of the window more aesthetically, which makes it more pleasing and original. Purchasing these elements from a blinds shop in Singapore provides effective regulation of the solar flux into the room with a unique style and a cosy appearance of the window.

There are many options for successful combinations of blinds and curtains.

Here are nine of the best tips in this area of design.

Table of Content

9 Ways to Layer Windows With Combination of Blinds and Curtains

  • Uniform Style
  • More Room to Adjust Sunlight
  • Modern Equality
  • Short and Tasteful
  • Noble Decoration
  • Together But Apart
  • Confrontation
  • Merge With the Wall
  • Contrast Detail


9 Ways to Layer Windows With Combination of Blinds and Curtains

Uniform Style

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The individuality of the interior is created primarily by the well-chosen textile design. One of the main rules of textile decor is the unity of the image. You can use one pattern or a combination of several colours and patterns. But, they must be designed in the same style. Do not overdo it in the selection of curtains and blinds that are similar in colour. Use a combination of monochrome and patterned blinds or vice versa – monochrome and printed blinds.

More Room to Adjust Sunlight

Roller blinds give a good dimming performance. But sometimes the main requirement for a room is the uniformity of light diffusion. And this is possible with vertical blinds. To create a feeling of cosiness, combine vertical fabric blinds with curtains of muted shades. This will add softness and tranquillity to the interior, relax attention and contribute to comfortable communication with guests.

Modern Equality

Contemporary interior styles challenge the tradition of the classics. You can use thick roller blinds that will balance the curtains. Combinations of light curtains and thick blinds can look good in a modern interior. However, it’s very difficult to make a mistake and ruin the whole look of the room.

Short and Tasteful

Who said curtains should be longer than blinds? Blinds in combination with curtains may well act as a leading element, and leave a place for a decorating addition to the curtains. In bright living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices, blinds paired with short curtains or just a lambrequin will look great.

Noble Decoration

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Wooden blinds look better next to curtains. And there is no wonder to say horizontal wooden blinds and luxurious curtains in a classic interior will correspond to all the best design traditions. In a modern interior, such blinds can be combined with lighter monochromatic curtains. In an eco-style, the canvases are made from natural materials such as linen and cotton.

Together But Apart

You can also combine curtains and blinds by decorating different windows from the same group with them separately. For example, to create a cosy look and reliable protection from the sun in the dining room, close the side windows with long curtains, and decorate the central one with roller blinds. Thus, you visually highlight the centre of the room, and the sunlight transmitted by the blinds in the open state will help you in this.


Sometimes there is no dominant colour in the interior of the room. However, the use of two equal contrasting colours can create an interesting and unusual image. This duality can’t be only emphasized by colour but also by the shape of furniture and decorative elements. Doesn’t matter what types of blinds you choose, you always have the opportunity to create a combination of multi-coloured slats in one product.

Merge With the Wall

Yes, it’s impossible to choose curtains to match the colour of the wallpaper in the room, as this will deprive the interior and make it flat and boring. But, using blinds with curtains creates an intermediate link between the wall and the window. In the closed position, the blinds seem to be an extension of the wall and create a feeling of protection from the outside world. It’s best to choose blinds for such a technique that fits tightly to the window – cassette, interframe or pleated blinds.

Contrast Detail

Blinds can’t be only a functional part, but also a highlight of a room. And the curtains framing the window will fulfil the task of creating comfort. The essence of the design technique is to create a textile decoration of the window. At the same time, the colour of the window blinds should be in contrast to the textiles. The less colourful the interior in your room, the more noticeable the difference between the colour of blinds and curtains will be.


Keeping these points in mind won’t only help in creating an appealing living space but also protect your sleep from outside influences. So, choose the best blinds and curtains in colour, shades, size, and style. For example, the blinds and curtains in the Singapore market are available in different colours at affordable prices, which provides more choices of creating an attractive place.