Blesket Canada – The One Stop Shop For Your Writing Needs

At Blesket Canada, we offer more than the ordinary.

We are a family-owned business located in Brampton, Ontario where we specialize in carrying high-quality writing instruments.

Blesket Canada takes pride in ensuring all products we carry are of genuine and authorized quality and that they have a respected reputation in the industry. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in a timely and pleasant way. Our affordable and competitive prices are admired across the globe as we do not oversell and our shipping fee is one of the lowest rates in our field.

Fountain pens are available in different styles and shades, and we have hundreds of options to suit every budget. We have a wide variety of other writing modes like ballpoint, rollerball, mechanical pencil, dip pens and multi-function as well as calligraphy pens designed for intermediate and advanced calligraphers. Additionally, we have other accessories like notebooks, note pads, planners, journals, ink, refills, and other accessories. Our stationery supplies and Faber Castell Art Products are all available at affordable prices.

We have more than 200 ink pen colours from different brands. Some of our Fountain pen inks include well recognized brands such as Pilot Iroshizuku, Lamy Ink and Lamy Crystal inks, Monteverde Ink, Private Reserve Ink, J. Herbin Ink, Visconti Ink, Platinum ink, Faber Castell ink and the luxurious Graf von Faber Castell Inks.

We have Ballpoint and Rollerball Pen refills from all brands including other brand refills to suit Montblanc, Cross, Parker, Pelikan and the Sheaffer pens.

Our brands include:

  • Faber-Castell
  • Lamy
  • Monteverde
  • Conklin
  • Platinum
  • Visconti
  • Leuchtturm1917
  • Pilot
  • Kaweco
  • Diplomat
  • Lug
  • Graf von Faber-Castell
  • Schmidt
  • Field Notes
  • J. Herbin
  • Rhodia
  • Clairefontaine
  • Pineider
  • Fisher Space pen
  • SM-LT Paper
  • Private Reserve Ink

Blesket Best Sellers

Lamy is one of our most sought after brands, especially the Safari fountain pen and the Lamy 2000 Makrolon.

Platinum pens from Japan especially the Century # 3776 and the Platinum preppy are some of our best sellers.

Kaweco Pens are designed with sophistication and attention to detail and have been available in contemporary materials and colors – since 1883. The Kaweco Sport fountain pen is compact yet functional.

Field Notes” Notebook is perfectly sized for convenience and functionality. It can be used as a journal, memo pad, field book, notepad or to jot down any notes.

The Pilot Metropolitan is classy, with a brass body and cigar-like shape, it is a beautiful pen. 

Faber-Castell comprises of Fine Writing, Playing & Learning, Art & Graphics, Creative Studio, Marking and Technical drawing.

Monteverde Pens are popular for their innovative designs, high quality materials and excellent value.

Graf von Faber-Castell is the most exclusive and high quality brand, you can find many of their items on our website.

Platinum pens are made in Japan and one of the most popular pen the Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen was made available to the public in 1978.

Blesket Canada has a wide selection of Lug Handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, wallets, backpacks, storage bags, tote bags and accessories.

Rhodia is known for high quality, exacting standards and timeless design. It is closely associated with creativity and innovation coupled with tradition.

Visconti Fountain Pens expresses personality and elegance on every occasion.

Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks feature superior-quality acid-free paper which pairs well with any type of pen, notably fountain pen ink.

We currently operate both online and at our brick & mortar store in Brampton Town Centre. Check out our luxurious selection of high quality merchandise either online or instore, as we are sure you’ll find something you’ll love. Want to learn more? Contact Blesket Canada today.