Black Girl Hair Goals: Reasons Why You Need Black Tapes In Your Extensions

Black hair extensions can be a beautiful addition to your look, but they require a little bit of know-how to put together. In this article, we’ll tell you about the different types of black tapes that are available on the market, as well as give you tips on how to choose the right one for your hair extensions.

Why You Need Black Tapes In Your Extensions

There are many reasons why you should consider using tape in extensions for black women to secure your extensions. Here are a few:

1. They Won’t Show In Photos – One of the biggest benefits of using black tapes is that they won’t show up in photos. If you’re looking to keep your extensions looking natural, black tapes are a great way to do that.

2. They’re Durable – Black tapes are some of the most durable types of tape available, which is great news if you plan on wearing your extensions for a long time. They’ll be able to handle a lot of wear and tear, which means you won’t have to worry about them breaking down prematurely.

3. They Offer A Custom Fit – One of the main benefits of using black tapes is that they offer a custom fit. This means that they’ll be able to hold your extensions in place better than other types of tape, which can help improve the look of your hair extension set.

Types of Black Tapes

There are many types of black tapes used in hair extensions. Some common ones include:
-Microfiber Tape: This tape is made from a microfiber fabric which is strong and also has a low friction surface, making it great for use with hair extensions. It is also very sensitive to heat, which means that it can be used to secure the attachments of your hair extensions while they are in the hot styling tools.
-Duct Tape: Duct tape is a well-known construction adhesive that is often used to fix things together. Its adhesive qualities make it a good choice for attaching hair extensions because the tape will hold even when wet.
-Elastic Band: An elastic band is a thin piece of rubber or plastic that has been stretched over a wide area. It can be used as a bandage or as part of a closure system for hair extensions. When securing hair extensions with an elastic band, make sure that the band is tight enough to keep the extension in place but not so tight that it damages the hair.

The Many Benefits of Black Tape in Extensions

There are many benefits to using black tape in extensions. Here are just a few:

-It helps keep the hair in place and prevents it from shifting or moving around.
-It is a strong adhesive that can hold extensions in place for a long period of time.
-It gives your extensions a sleek and professional appearance.
-Black tape is less likely to cause damage to the hair than other types of adhesives.

How to Put on Black Tape in Extensions

If you’re like most black women, your hair is extensions-wearing territory. Whether you’ve been wearing them for years or just got your hands on some new ones, there’s one thing all black women know how to do: put on black tape in our extensions!

There are a few reasons why you might want to use black tape in extensions:

To keep the hairs from sticking out of the tape

To keep the hairs from moving around while they’re being taped in place

To keep the hairs from coming loose during wear

Why You Need Black Tapes In Your Extensions

There are a few benefits to using black tape in your extensions. First off, it helps to keep the extensions in place while you’re wearing them. Secondly, it can help to minimize the amount of hair that falls out when you remove the tape. Finally, black tape can also be used as a placeholder if you need to dye your hair a different color and don’t want to damage the hair extensions.

How to Remove Black Tapes from Your Extensions

If you have black tape in your extensions, there are a few ways to remove it. You can use boiling water, a hair dryer, or a hair straightener. The method that you choose will depend on the type of tape that you have and how hot the water is.


I know that it can be tough to find the time to get your black tape in hair extensions done, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. However, there are plenty of reasons why you need black tapes in your collection, and I’m going to share them with you today.
First and foremost, black tapes provide an excellent way to keep your extensions attached while you’re doing other things. This is especially important if you’re a busy person who wants to keep wearing your extensions throughout the day without having to worry about them coming off or getting tangled up.
Second of all, black tapes are a great way to add some extra volume and body to your hair extension hair. This is perfect if you want something more dramatic than just straight hair extension strands hanging down your back.
Finally, black tapes help protect your hair extension hair from UV damage and other chemicals that can damage it over time. If you’re like many people who wear their hair extensions everyday without fail, it’s important for you to take care of the hairs inside those clips!

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