Black Diamond Engagement Ring: The Complete Guide

Black Diamond: What is it and why is it so exclusive?

For a long time, black diamonds were not considered a valuable precious mineral. Due to a large number of impurities of dark colors, this stone lacks the main property of a diamond – the ability to transmit light, which, when properly cut, is reflected in the inner faces and outward, creating a shine. The facets of the black mineral can only reflect light, creating an overflow. Nevertheless, black diamond jewelry is in high demand and is quite expensive. This is explained by the special charm that creates the nobility of the mineral and the emotional connotations inherent in black.

During the work with colored stones, many black diamonds have passed through the hands of our masters. Having become diamonds, many of them adorned jewelry rings collected in this photo gallery.

Jewelry with rare central inserts is created under the stone, taking into account its characteristics. Since colored fancy is so rare, we are unlikely to be able to repeat the order. But if you are interested in some model, indicate the name of the photo in the letter to our consultant, we can select an insert that is similar in characteristics and create a frame in the same style.

For a truly unique engagement ring, a black diamond can be the right choice for you. While white (or colorless diamonds) tend to be the “go-to” stone for engagement rings, black diamonds have a different appeal that is guaranteed to impress. But what is the actual meaning of black diamond engagement rings? We’ll tell you in this article.

Origin of the Black Diamond:-

There are many secrets to the origin of black diamonds. Black diamonds originated in Brazil over 3.8 billion years ago and were called “carbonados” by Portuguese immigrants. Today black diamonds are located exclusively in Brazil and central Africa.

Black Diamond Story

First discovered by the Brazilians in 1840, black diamonds have a rich history. Diamonds have long been connected with wealth and power. In some religions, diamonds were considered to have unique healing powers, and the Greeks believed diamonds to be the tears of the gods.

Black Diamond Meaning and its Symbolism

The meaning of black diamonds can be slightly different. Black diamonds are said to have a deep religious meaning and are often used as protection against evil. It is believed that the beautiful dark gemstone creates a link between the spiritual and the physical world.

In common, diamonds symbolize a powerful emotional connection – that’s why they’re perfect for engagement rings. It symbolizes justice and inner strength, while it also stands for the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Is Black Diamonds Good For Engagement Rings?

Black diamond rings are an outstanding choice for engagement rings – especially if your partner likes unique styles that differ from the norm. It is also said to help heal relationship problems and alleviate any jealousy felt as a couple. Plus, it is so numerous beautiful styles to choose from, such as halo engagement rings with black diamonds and solitaire engagement rings with black diamonds.

How To Choose a Perfect Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Like any beautiful engagement ring, you should choose or pick a black diamond engagement ring based on your partner’s tastes and preferences. At Gemistone Jewelers Online store, all of our rings can be individually designed. Simply choose your preferred diamond shape, setting, and precious metal to create a beautiful ring that you will love.

Widespread Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The most popular engagement rings with black diamonds are solitaire, halo, and side stone shapes. White gold and platinum look particularly attractive with black diamonds and emphasize the beauty of the stone. While round black diamond engagement rings tend to be the diamond shape of choice, other fancy shapes like oval or pear cut diamonds can make the ring look unique.

Famous engagement rings with black diamonds

Arguably the most famous black diamond engagement ring is Carrie Bradshaw’s beautiful solitaire, as featured in Sex and the City 2 when Mr. Big finally asked the question. He proposed with a beautiful black diamond ring and said “because you are not like everyone else” – comparing the uniqueness of the stone with his love.

If you are looking for a diamond ring as unique as your loved one, a black diamond engagement ring could be the right choice.

Is Black Diamonds Real?

We all know that diamonds come in several different shapes and sizes. We also know that diamonds come in many varieties of colors, from pink and red to blue and gold. But are black diamonds real? They are, and they have quite a fascinating history.

If you want a unique diamond for your engagement ring or just a piece of jewelry, black diamonds might be what you need.

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Of Black Diamonds

Diamonds are commonly measured by cut, color, clarity, and carat. The same is true for any colored stone; consists of black diamonds, with a few exceptions.

Diamond cut relates to the quality of the angles cut in the stone. The term cut is used to define both the shape and style in which the gem is formed. When a diamond is certified, cut refers to the dimensions, symmetry, and reflective qualities of the stone. Diamond cuts range from excellent to poor. The cut, along with the other criteria, can contribute to the rare and valuable nature of the black diamond.

Transparent diamonds are graded on a color scale from D to Z. D is colorless and is considered the most perfect standard for these diamonds. Black diamonds, on the other hand, are not rated on these criteria, as color is judged independently in this case.

The flawlessness of a diamond is its clarity. Inclusions or blemishes affect the value of the diamond, and that is still true for black diamonds. The most important thing, when it comes to determining if black diamonds are real, is to make sure that the color is uniform throughout the stone.

Several people think that carat refers to the size of the diamond, but it is the weight. It is interesting to see that since black diamonds are denser than clear or colored diamonds, so a 1 carat black diamond will appear smaller than a 1 carat white diamond.

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