BitExChain Review – The Best Platform for Crypto Investments

Do you want to buy any cryptocurrency? Since the boom of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2017, there has been an increased interest in this digital currency. Investors and traders from all over the world have jumped on the bandwagon with the hopes of replicating the successes of other investors. How do you start? In order to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you would require the services of a cryptocurrency exchange. There are plenty of these exchanges that you can find nowadays, but not all of them may be the right fit for you. When you are in the market for a cryptocurrency exchange, you have to do some due diligence to find a good crypto exchange.

This is because the crypto market has had more than a few scams and this has prompted people to be immensely cautious. Furthermore, even cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked and their cryptocurrency and funds have been stolen. The best way to ensure it doesn’t happen to you is to choose a secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange. How can you do that? You should do your homework and check the various features and aspects of a cryptocurrency exchange before you opt for them.

One of the crypto exchanges that you can test is BitExChain. People don’t pay much attention to it because this exchange is a relatively new one in the market and so they don’t want to trust it. However, if you check this exchange, you will discover that it is attracting a lot of attention due to its impressive features and capabilities. In a short span of time, this crypto exchange has made a name for itself and has earned the trust of numerous people from all over the world. If you are uncertain about it, you can take a look at what BitExChain has to offer before you move forward.


Background of BitExChain

With the increase in demand of authentic cryptocurrency exchange, CoinFarm OU, a company located in Estonia, founded BitExChain. The goal of this exchange is to make buying and selling cryptocurrency quick, safe and as easy as possible. Over time, the process has become very complicated and beginners often struggle when trying to acquire cryptocurrencies. Therefore, BitExChain has tried to simplify the process and has made it extremely easy, even for newbies to buy cryptocurrencies of their choice. It takes a few simple steps to buy or sell either Bitcoin or Litecoin. These are the two cryptocurrencies that are available with the exchange currently.

Not only is it a cryptocurrency exchange, but BitExChain has also introduced an OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading desk where it allows people to buy large quantities of cryptocurrency without worrying about impacting price movements. Cryptocurrency exchanges usually have low liquidity and high volatility, which makes them a good choice for people who place small orders. But, when you want to buy big amounts, it can take time for your orders to be fulfilled and the price usually changes. Hence, people who want high liquidity can benefit from OTC trading.

For now, BitExChain is allowing people to trade Bitcoin and Ether through this option. People can maintain their anonymity and also get as many cryptocurrencies as they want, without having any impact on the overall market price.


Signing up on BitExChain

Opening an account with BitExChain is not a big problem as they only have one form that you have to fill. The information required is quite straightforward and you should always enter authentic information. Along with filling out the form, you will also have to provide some documents for verifying your account.


Account Verification

To verify your account, first a confirmation email is sent to your email address. Next, you have to verify your identity through a government-issued ID like passport, driver’s license or national ID card. A selfie is also needed with your ID in hand. You also have to submit a utility bill or a bank statement that displays your name and email address as this confirms your address. If you are planning to use a debit or credit card for sending or receiving funds, you will have to submit a copy or picture of its front side before you can use it. All of this information is verified by BitExChain and this can take anywhere between a few minutes to 24 hours. Once your account is verified, the remaining process is nothing complicated.


Storing Cryptocurrencies

After you have bought Bitcoin or Litecoin, or both, you would obviously need to store it and to do that, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. BitExChain has accommodated its clients in this regard as well because it provides them access to a free cryptocurrency wallet with top notch security and advanced technology. You can protect your cryptocurrency and still have full access and control over it. Top-of-the-line cold storage is used and there is also insurance of $100 million.

Accounts are also kept segregated and no one can get access to the PIN or public key of your wallets. Moreover, BitExChain also has the policy of changing wallet addresses every time funds are moved in order to ensure no one is tracking your wallet.


Deposits, Withdrawals and Refunds

Like other processes, adding and withdrawing funds is also simple at BitExChain. You can either use debit or credit cards like Visa or MasterCard or you can choose bank wire transfer. Withdrawal forms have to be filled out and they are typically processed under 72 hours. All transactions are non-refundable because the prices change quickly due to market volatility. A refund is possible in the situation where the transaction hasn’t been executed, but there are charges applicable. Overall, the fee and pricing is extremely competitive and reasonable, allowing you to earn a high return on investment.


Final Verdict

You will also find some of the best and most advanced security measures used at BitExChain and they also have a commendable support system. When you put all of these features together, it is easy to see that BitExChain is the best platform for investing in cryptocurrencies.