Bitcoin Rush Review – The Official App WebSite 2023

Bitcoin Rush Review – The Official App WebSite 2023

Bitcoin Rush was traded at $450 in the year 2016. And, the following year it went up in its price by 210% and was traded from about $1,400. Needless to say, since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has faced uncertainty, whilst experiencing market volatility. Besides, over the past few years, many jurisdictions are recognizing Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies as an asset class. 

Having garnered tremendous popularity in the past four years, bitcoins are presenting novel means of earning passive income by speculating the price movement in the cryptocurrency market. So, is it truly possible to increase one’s earnings simply by buying and selling bitcoins? In this review, we will not only discuss Bitcoin Rush, but also learn about cryptocurrency trading.  

Bitcoin Rush


Rise of Bitcoins

The idea behind the conception of Bitcoin was to create currencies operating at a global level; and, outside the realms of governments, central authorities, and financial institutions. Although, having achieved this motive, Bitcoin still had to go a long way to overcome the tag of uncertainty associated with it. The frequent price fluctuations in its initial stages from nothing to a few US dollars to over $10,000 have made it the most liquid cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins are gradually making their mark in the mainstream as a standard currency. In fact, Japan has legalized Bitcoin as a medium of payment. Many popular brands like Shopify, Expedia, Subway, to name a few are already accepting bitcoins as payment for their products and services. Many people are also investing in Bitcoin and other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, among others to diversify their financial portfolio. In fact, there are many who generate passive income every day by trading cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoins in particular. 

With changing trends, new ways and applications have been introduced to make buying and selling cryptos easier and convenient. In fact, people who are new to the cryptocurrency space can also generate profits without having prior knowledge of how the market works. An automated system like Bitcoin Rush makes trading easy without much input from the investor. 

An Overview on Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a trading software that allows both manual and automated trading of Bitcoin and few other cryptos like Ethereum. The automated trades are carried out with the help of Bitcoin Rush automated or smart trading robots. These automated bots are created using powerful algorithms that make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

Bitcoin Rush at the First Glance

Bitcoin Rush facilitates CFDs trades as well where the trader does not have to own bitcoins to buy or sell them at the right time. It is one of the salient features of Bitcoin Rush. Thus, Bitcoin Rush is for everyone and not primarily for owners of bitcoins. 

Before proceeding with the Bitcoin Rush review, let’s understand Bitcoin trades and the different types of trading styles involving cryptocurrencies. 

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trades involve buying bitcoins at a low price and selling for a higher price. How do people who trade bitcoins actually make money? Successful Bitcoin traders closely follow the price movement of the crypto coin in the cryptocurrency market. A considerable number of people also earn money by simply speculating its price movement referred to as Bitcoin CFDs. In such cases, one doesn’t have to own bitcoins. However, for trading, which is basically the buying and selling of Bitcoins, the trader must be in possession of bitcoins. 

Although trading bitcoins has a lot of scope for making money, it requires a lot of input from the trader. Right from applying a combination of fundamentals and technical analysis, one must also watch the cryptocurrency market carefully for profitable trade signals. Also, there are different styles of executing profitable trades, which are as follows.

Different Types of Bitcoin Trading

Asset trading is different from investments wherein the latter, the investor holds the trading position for a considerably long period ranging from a few months to years. That is, it could either be long-term or short-term investments. On the other hand, trading is all about gaining profits by holding the trading position for shorter time frames. In other words, trading bitcoins is all about finding the right time to buy or sell the crypto coin. The following are the most common types of cryptocurrency trading.

Day Trading

Day trading accounts for all the trades conducted within a single trading day. Traders involved in day trading execute multiple trades with the objective of making money based on the currency’s price movements. Day trading usually involves monitoring the price movement throughout the day for short-term gains.

Intra-day Trades

Similar to day-trades, however, it lasts a little over a day. Technically, the cryptocurrency market never ceases as it operates 24/7. Thus, intra-day trades work best for cryptos like bitcoins. 


A type of day trading, scalping involves monitoring the cryptocurrency market. But unlike day trading, the trader monitors the market for a few minutes or sometimes a few hours. 

Swing Trading

Swing trading although is a type of trading, is more similar to bitcoins investments. In swing trading, the trade positions are held for longer durations of time ranging from a few months to years. Unlike scalping and day trading, swing traders focus on generating larger profits. Swing trades for longer durations where the trade position is held for over a few weeks is referred to as position trades.  

Range Trades

Range trades of cryptocurrencies involve buying the crypto token at the bottom of the range with a stop and selling at the top of the range. The range, in this case, could either be accumulation, distribution or selling the coins before the drop in the market. Range trades are similar to swing trades. However, the difference lies in the fact that profits are made in range trades due to deliberate price fluctuations induced by other traders. 

While seasoned traders are much acclimated to the different trade styles, new investors or beginners may find it to be an intimidating process. It is during such instances, auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Rush are used for executing seamless profitable trades. 

Moreover, trading in general involves proper focus and dedication. It is when new trading tools like trading robots come into the picture. And, Bitcoin Rush is a dedicated automated trading system with smart trading robots.


Bitcoin Rush Review: Important Features

As a part of our research for this Bitcoin Rush review, we conducted an accuracy test to gauge the efficiency of the Bitcoin Rush trading system. As per our tests, Bitcoin Rush has a fairly high success rate of around 96%. Although the Bitcoin Rush website claims a success rate of 99.5%, it is quite easy to make money every day with a 96% success rate.

According to our findings, BTC Rush has great potential of making money via trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. And, this is because, the Bitcoin Rush system is a completely automated system featuring smart robots, which can execute hundreds of trades on behalf of the trader. Also, these smart robots work tirelessly to detect profitable trading signals, and thus, presenting many opportunities to earn small and large gains.

also features a manual mode for more advanced traders who have the knowledge and the experience. For novice traders and beginners, however, the automated mode is a better option. Nevertheless, professional traders can also make use of the automated feature for backtesting their trading strategy.

Before moving on to the other salient characteristics in this Bitcoin Rush review, let’s understand how Bitcoin Rush works?

How Does Bitcoin Rush Work?

To make the process easier, we have divided the key steps as follows.

Step 1: Account Registration

To access the different tools or menu on the website, the visitor must first complete the account registration process. The registration form is easily available on the homepage of the Bitcoin Rush site. Compared to its contemporaries, Bitcoin Rush has a simple application form where all you need to do is provide your name, email address, and phone number. Once, you fill in these details, the system will prompt you to create a strong password to ensure secure login into your user account. It is important to create complex passwords for protecting user information. Following registration is the account verification process.

Step 2: Account Verification System

has a simple verification system for successful registrations. Account verification is important in the long run as the system prompts the users to verify their information when a user wants to withdraw huge amounts from their Bitcoin Rush account. Also, the verification process enables the trader to control the trading robots where only after the verification is authorized by the trader, the bots execute a trade.

Step 3: Try the Demo Trading Feature

Once the registration process is complete, the users can visit their dashboard to choose the different options. To understand how automated and manual trade modes work, we recommend new users to first try the demo feature. By choosing this feature, users can learn how the automated trader mode works. The demo account acts as tutorials for new users. Once the demo mode is activated, users receive virtual cash of $1,500. Using this virtual money, you can practice trading and also backtest some of your trading strategies. However, it is important to note that the demo mode does not provide any opportunity to make real money.

Step 4: Bitcoin Rush Live Trading Session

Traders can actively make money after enabling the live trading feature. But, for this, users must first deposit a trading capital or investment funds. Thus, for automated robots to execute profitable trades, users must make a minimum deposit of 250 USD. As a matter of fact, $250 is the minimum amount that the trader must deposit to start trading using the Bitcoin Rush automated system. 

There are numerous payment options with which users can make a deposit of 250 USD in their Bitcoin Rush account including Skrill, PayPal, etc. Once the Bitcoin Rush account is funded, the traders can set the trading parameters for the automated live trade mode. Some of these parameters include stop-loss limit, take profit limit, trade size, level of risk, etc. 

Bitcoin Rush


Salient features of Bitcoin Rush.

Bitcoin Rush Service Charge:- team confirms that the trading system is free to use with no hidden service or transaction charges. They further claim that all money deposited by the user is credited to their Rush trade account where it is used as trading funds. The developers of the app also assure that at any point in time, but before executing a trade, the user can claim a complete refund. As per our findings and references from active users, Bitcoin Rush automatically credits the user’s funds along with the profits earned after the end of a trading session.

Bitcoin Rush Payout System:- features payouts or cashouts that are comparatively faster where the funds are credited to the user’s account within a few minutes. Sometimes, depending on the amount to be processed, it may take up to 24-hours. The withdrawal process is also quite seamless where the withdrawals are processed within 24-hours from the time of raising the request to withdraw funds.

Customer Service:- The customer service system operates 24/7 where one can also reach them via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, to name a few. Also, the official website has an easy to fill Contact Form after filing which the customer service team will reach the user either via email or by phone. Typically, the time-taken to resolve user concerns is 24-hours. 

Feedback and User Testimonials:- Bitcoin Rush trading app prompts user feedback once they are satisfied with the reply from or service of the support team. The feedback and user testimonials indicate the potential to earn money with trading activities on the auto trading system. 

Association with Exchanges and Broker Services:- Bitcoin Rush partners with a myriad of cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers enabling traders to use their account from anywhere in the world. The role of the brokers is to monitor automated trades to ensure profitable trading opportunities.

Investment Advice and Market Updates:- The trading menu in the dashboard, also lists some of the additional options like investment advice and market updates and indicators to make a better trading decision. 

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

is legit and authentic. The Bitcoin Rush platform is easy to use and mainly has two trading systems: Live trading and demo trading. The live trading process basically involves an auto trading robot. While the algorithm-based auto trading robots execute the trade, the trading decisions are made by the trader who must complete the verification process.  

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of Bitcoin Rush in this review.

Bitcoin Rush Review: Pros and Cons


  • Very high success rates
  • User-friendly automated trading software
  • Demo and live trading options 
  • Faster withdrawal process


  • No telephone support

We have covered major aspects including the major question, is Bitcoin Rush legit. Now it is time to consider whether ‘ a Scam?’ holds any truth or not in this Bitcoin Rush review. 

Bitcoin Rush Scam: All You Need to Know

With many live trading robots being introduced to make much money from the cryptocurrency market, choosing the right one gets tough. It gets even more difficult when there are hundreds of affiliate websites trying to attract an audience with over the top rumours. The Bitcoin Rush scam is one such initiative to encourage traders to seek its contemporaries. And as per our research, is not a scam. Nevertheless, one can still find many Bitcoin Rush scam articles over the internet. 

There are also rumours that claim Bitcoin Rush was presented on one of the episodes of Shark Tank. We did our research and we could not find any material as proof to support this claim. This is yet again another tactic adopted by affiliate marketers who fabricate false stories of celebrity endorsement. 

While it is true that some of the early advocates of Bitcoins are well-known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc., there’s no proof that they support as well. Some of these rumours also include associating Bitcoin Rush with popular celebrities like Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, among others. 

Our verdict? Bitcoin Rush is a legitimate trading application. However, a few affiliate marketers have created stories to attract web traffic. On the Bitcoin Rush website, there’s a video clipping, which highlights the importance and growth of bitcoins. Thus, Bitcoin rush does not make any claims of being featured in TV shows. Further has never claimed to be associated with celebrities like Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, to name a few. 


Trading bitcoins is unlike stock market investments, but is similar to Forex. It means, the cryptocurrency market operates 24/7 providing ample opportunities for traders to earn much money. Needless to say, trading is not that simple as it involves fundamental and technical analysis. In this Bitcoin Rush review we discussed the various features of the app that makes trading easy especially for new Bitcoin traders. We also found out the success rates and win rates of the app in this Bitcoin Rush review

In summary, has one of the highest win rates and is well-known for faster withdrawals and payouts. To start trading with Bitcoin Rush, users must first register by providing their name, email address, etc. Here is a FAQ section to answer some of your questions regarding.

Bitcoin Rush FAQs

1. Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

Ans. is a legit and real automated trading system. As an auto-trading platform, it is associated with numerous broker services and exchanges in a bid to help users make money every day. The software is highly secure and is further protected with the aid of SSL technology. Many user testimonials also support that legit trading robots are safe and operate with the utmost transparency.

2. Which countries cannot access Bitcoin Rush?

Ans. Bitcoin Rush can be accessed from anywhere around the world provided there’s good internet connection. Typically, the users must be 18-years-old and above for using the software. While there are no country restrictions as such, investors are advised to use only if they are from one of the countries that consider bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies legal. These countries include the US, Australia, Canada, European Union, among others. The countries that consider Bitcoin illegal include and not limited to; China, Vietnam, Russia, Bolivia, Columbia, and Ecuador. 

3. How do I invest in Bitcoin Rush? 

Ans. is a free to use auto-trading software that has free registration. However, users are required to make an investment of $250, which is the minimum deposit limit. This deposit amount is the trading capital that would be used by the trading robot for carrying out trades.

Bitcoin Rush has a myriad of payment methods right from wire transfer from the user’s bank account to the account, Visa and MasterCard credit card and debit card, among others. 

4. Is it worth buying Bitcoin in 2023?

Ans.  2017 proved to be a very profitable year for Bitcoin traders. However, the years 2018 and 2019 experienced a downward trend where the value of bitcoins was concerned. After experiencing the same fate in March 2020, the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoins in particular picked up sometime in August 2020. Thus, many experts believe 2023 to be the ideal year for Bitcoin.