Bitcoin Edge App Review 2022

The Bitcoin Edge system makes money for users by placing bets on bitcoin price swings. Our investigation shows that it’s super popular among online entrepreneurs.

Most experts allege that Bitcoin System is the best for those interested in making money on bitcoin today. The platform is ranked number one on the best bitcoin trading tools list in 2022. But is Bitcoin Edge a scam or genuine and profitable?

Also, how does it work and is there a Bitcoin Edge wallet? These are some of the questions that we will address in this review. We insist that you read this Bitcoin Edge review to the end before trying your luck with this system.

Feel free to post any questions not addressed in this review on the comment section of this review. We promise to keep updating this review with any new information about this trading robot.

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Bitcoin Edge Review Summary 

The million-dollar question is what Bitcoin Edge is and whether it’s genuine and as profitable as the thousands of reviewers alleged.

Bitcoin Edge is an online-based trading platform. The platform offers automated BTC trading through a myriad of financial derivatives. A financial derivative is an asset that derives its value from an underlying asset.

Trading with Bitcoin Edge is a breeze for all, including complete beginners. This is because the program applies intelligent AI-driven algorithms to automatically conduct research and place trades. The AI algorithms are reportedly super accurate and deliver highly profitable trading signals.

Bitcoin Edge gives you maximum liquidity since you can withdraw your money whenever you want. Fill out the withdrawal form with the assigned broker by clicking the funds’ management link at the footer of the trading dashboard. You can make up to 10 withdrawals for free with a limit of $20,000 per withdrawal.

We have subjected the Bitcoin Edge website to penetration testing to determine if it’s safe for users. You have a guarantee of data safety since all the information that passes through its site is encrypted through the best encryption.

Trading statusFully automated
Minimum deposit$250
Trading platformsWeb and mobile through a hybrid app
Potential profitability rateUp to 90% daily in highly volatile markets
Trading fees and commissions2% commission on profitable trades
Withdrawal chargesUp to 10 free withdrawals per month
Hidden feesNone
Withdrawal methodsVisa,Master Card, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Bitcoin
Partner broker regulationTier one regulators – CySEC, FCA, ASIC, and FSB, among others
Platforms safetyMilitary-grade encryption

An In-depth Look into Bitcoin Edge

Bitcoin Edge is an internet-based and AI-driven BTC trading program. The program combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain to deliver amazing daily profits.

Most of the expert reviews claim that the robot delivers a consistent daily profit of 15%. Bitcoin Edge can reportedly triple the trading capital during high-level volatility. BTC volatility is triggered by breaking news.

Bitcoin Edge makes money on this volatility. In volatility trading, the price direction doesn’t matter. This means that you could still make profits in falling prices. Bitcoin Edge has earned itself a name as the best auto-trading system for shorting bitcoin.

Shorting bitcoin involves borrowing it and selling it at a higher price only to buy it and return it when the prices fall. In automated BTC shorting, the trading system conducts everything on autopilot. Moreover, the shorting happens very fast hence capitalizing on even the smallest opportunities.

Bitcoin Edge is super easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the trading lingo since every trading step happens on autopilot. Also, very little time is required to operate the bot. Set aside as little as 10 minutes to set the trading bot for trading.

You should let the robot run uninterrupted for 8 hours daily. Close the trading session after 8 hours of trading to avoid rollover fees. Bitcoin Edge works wonders when run during high volatility periods. The 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM during New York and London time zones bring the most crypto volatility.

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Is Bitcoin Edge a Scam?

We have investigated Bitcoin Edge and didn’t find anything to indicate that it’s not genuine and transparent. This robot has attracted tons of reviews from clients and experts.

Bitcoin Edge is reviewed over 100,000 times on the internet. Most of the reviews are from people who have tried it. A closer look at the reviews shows that the majority of users are profitable.

We have studied the expert reviews, and the feedback is the same. Bitcoin Edge is rated top on the list of the best bitcoin trading platforms in the UK. This robot also ranks high among the best passive online income platforms in 2022.

Bitcoin Edge is popular with passive investors, given that very little manual input is required to operate it. This means that you are free to do other things as the robot works for you. The popularity of Bitcoin Edge is enough proof of its legitimacy.

There is no way a scam trading robot can receive so many good reviews. Bitcoin Edge is positively reviewed on publications with high-level editorial standards. This means that it’s adequately tested and proven to work.

We are also satisfied by the partnerships that this trading bot has acquired. Bitcoin Edge works collaborate with leading brokers to offer seamless trading. The robot relies on these brokers to receive deposits from the public and facilitate withdrawals. These brokers also link the trading system to the global liquidity pools.

On safety, this trading bot scores better than its peers. Some expert reviewers claim to have carried out penetration testing on its site and found it to be foolproof. The Bitcoin Edge website is SSL secured to prevent data theft. Only a genuine platform can invest in such safety measures.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Edge

If you have gone through the facts explained above, then you must be convinced that Bitcoin Edge is legit.

Bitcoin Edge cares about the welfare of its users; you don’t have to grasp all the information regarding the system since they have video tutorials and a demo platform to help you navigate the platform easily.

Although the Bitcoin Edge App is powered by an AI algorithm, it is not fully autonomous as it requires the user to adjust the settings manually.

However, there is nothing complicated about the settings. You only need to go through the instructions to start a session. We have put together the simple steps to be followed to sign up and trade with this bot.

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Signup for free

This is the first step to getting you started with the Bitcoin Edge trading system. The signup is easy and shouldn’t take much of your time. Moreover, signing up is free and easy. You need to verify the registration details through the assigned broker to proceed.

The verification is straightforward and takes very little time. User verification is part of the global anti-money-laundering laws that must be implemented by all brokers across the globe. The best way to determine if a broker is genuine is to check whether they take their clients through the KYC process.

Scam brokers are likely to take you direct to the deposit page without asking you to complete the verification process.

Fund your trading account

This also happens through the assigned Bitcoin Edge partner broker. You can’t expect to generate profits without investing money.

Bitcoin Edge aims to make BTC derivatives trading accessible to all. The capital requirement to trade with this platform is quite affordable. You only need to fund the account with a minimum of USD250.

This little capital deposit could turn you into a millionaire within no time. You need to adopt the compounding approach to grow the size of your account. Invest more money if you prefer to withdraw a part of the daily profits.

You can grow fast by reinvesting at least 50% of the profits from a $500 deposit. Reinvest all the profits if you decide to get started with the minimum deposit.

Demo Practice and Live Trading

This step is crucial since it allows you to test Bitcoin Edge risk-free. Watch the 20 minutes video explaining the trading process with this bot before proceeding to the demo.

The video is only accessible on the trading resources page. You need to be fully registered to access the demo and the trading resources page. Some reviews describe the Bitcoin Edge demo platform as 100% similar to the live account.

This means that you are fully set for the live trading experience after completing the demo test. The features to pay close attention to during Bitcoin Edge demo test include the Stop Loss and the Take Profit tools. These tools help you define the level of risk you are willing to take.

Bitcoin Edge should be completely easy to operate especially after the trading preparation. Test the waters with Bitcoin Edge now through the link below.

Bitcoin Edge in the Fake News

In the last few years, the fake news menace has taken the world by a storm. Today, any popular subject is a prime target for this type of news.

Bitcoin Edge isn’t an exception. We have identified fake news posts alleging that Bitcoin Edge has been endorsed by celebrities. Others allege that this trading bot is participating in aggressive marketing campaigns on primetime TV.

Further background checks indicate that these fake posts include links to malicious sites. These are sites masquerading as the official Bitcoin Edge to steal your data. You must keep off the fake posts discussed below since they are likely to include links to malicious sites.

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Bitcoin Edge Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a British media personality and personal finance expert. He is the founder of the MONEY SAVING EXPERT blog and the host of personal finance TV programs on ITV and Fox.

Martin Lewis mostly writes about traditional saving and investment options. However, he also writes about crypto mostly bitcoin. The fake news posts allege that Martin Lewis has disclosed investing huge sums of money on bitcoin in one of the latest blog posts.

We have gone through the latest BTC related posts on the site and didn’t find proof of Martin Lewis investing in Bitcoin Edge.

Bitcoin Edge Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is another TV celebrity rumoured to have invested in Bitcoin Edge. However, this review didn’t find any proof of these claims.

Holly Willoughby is a TV host best known for co-hosting ITV’s Dancing on Ice and This Morning. This Morning is a breakfast TV show that offers a discussion of the latest happenings in various industries.

On the other hand, Dancing on Ice features celebrities participating in skating competitions. The show is highly popular in the UK.

Bitcoin Edge Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, a company that has recently invested over $2 billion in bitcoin.

Musk is a big fan of crypto and has been tweeting about it for years. His sentiments on BTC and DOGE are the key driver of crypto volatility since 2019. But is Elon Musk invested in Bitcoin Edge as some of the posts on the internet claim?

We have fact-checked the claims and confirmed and found them to be fake news. Elon Musk hasn’t shown any interest in algorithmic trading.

Bitcoin Edge Dragons Den

Dragons Den show is a globally popular TV program aired on BBC Canada, the UK, and Ireland. The show is unique in each country and features budding entrepreneurs pitching their business to a panel of investors for funding.

But did was Bitcoin Edge pitched on the show during its startup days? We have conducted background checks and concluded that the posts claiming so are fake news. Bitcoin Edge hasn’t disclosed anything about its funding sources on its website.

Bitcoin Edge This Morning

This Morning is another primetime ITV program. The show is hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. A viral rumour claims that Phillip Schofield has disclosed earning huge profits by trading with the Bitcoin Edge program.

But is this true? Our investigative team didn’t find any proof to these claims. Those alleging so are likely to be using the fake news as clickbait to the scam websites. These scam websites masquerade as the actual Bitcoin Edge site to steal personal information.

Avoid fake news sites since they are likely to provide misleading information or even expose you to scammers.

Bitcoin Edge Login Page Security

The Bitcoin Edge login page is secured through AES encryption. This ensures that all data entered through the page is secure.

Data security remains to be the first line of defence against many forms of cyberattacks. Expert reports indicate that 99.99% of all the cyberattacks that go through start with stolen personal information.

Login page security is therefore vital. We have gone through the Bitcoin Edge data privacy policy and found it to be comprehensive. This trading claims that its data privacy policy is inspired by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR is recognized as the most comprehensive data protection law globally. Only highly secured online platforms earn the GDPR badge. Bitcoin Edge is reportedly one of the few BTC trading robots that have acquired this badge.

Is Bitcoin Edge Genuine? The Verdict!

We have stated above that Bitcoin Edge is a program that automates the bitcoin trading process.

This program relies on complex and highly accurate AI algorithms to conduct trading research. Bitcoin Edge can place tens of trades per minute and make money in at least 90% of them. This means that the likelihood of earning a good profit through this bot is extremely high.

Even so, there is no performance guarantee and the high risk associated with crypto derivatives trading still exists. Therefore, you could lose your capital in a single miscalculated trade. But the potential profitability associated with this bot makes it worth the risk.

However, it would be imprudent to put your entire savings in a high-risk trading bot. Investment advisors recommend a highly diversified portfolio that includes savings and investments. High-risk speculative investments such as Bitcoin Edge shouldn’t take more than 10% of the portfolio.

As explained above, this auto-trading bot is quite easy to use. This means that anyone can easily make money with it. Use the link below to visit the official Bitcoin Edge website and start trading. All crypto investment carries significant risk.

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Is Bitcoin Edge Profitable?

This trading bot is reportedly one of the most lucrative tools to make money online in 2022. Bitcoin Edge has a proven track record of delivering a consistent daily profit of 15% in normal volatility. The profitability rate can shoot to 90% in good trading days.

Do I need any experience to use Bitcoin Edge?

No experience is needed to operate Bitcoin Edge. The trading program is built to conduct technical trading on autopilot. Users also have an option to automate withdrawals and other non-technical functions.

How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin Edge?

The withdrawal process involves submitting a withdrawal form and waiting for a few hours for the funds to be processed. Bitcoin Edge via the partner broker processes all withdrawals in less than 5 hours.

How much does Bitcoin Edge cost?

You won’t be charged anything to sign up with Bitcoin Edge. The bot only takes a commission of 2% on profitable trades. Trading fees in terms of highly competitive floating spreads apply on the side of the broker facilitating the trading.

Does Bitcoin Edge provide a trading app?

You can use the Bitcoin Edge app on your smartphone through the mobile browser or through its HTML5 app. The app  works in all mobile OS including Android, Windows, and iOS. You can only withdraw this app on the Bitcoin Edge website.

Is Bitcoin Edge safe?

Many experts have carried out penetration testing on the Bitcoin Edge website and concluded that it’s safe. Moreover, the trading program operates in line with data privacy laws. It’s among the very few BTC trading robots that are GDPR compliant.

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