Birthday Party With An Axe: For Kids And Adults

Looking for something unique and enjoyable things to do Atlanta for your birthday? Gather a bunch of buddies and learn to throw axes. The possibility to bring your food, beverages, and cake is included in the prices!

We’ve announced that everyone with a birthday will receive free admission to any Axe Master location. Check out our thorough post on the new policy for more information on how to obtain Free axe throwing invite on your birthday. We hope it is appreciated by everyone!

Our professional axe throwing birthday party coaches will teach you how to throw an axe while also organizing entertaining activities and championship competitions. We can accommodate groups ranging from 8 to over 100 people!

Everyone Is Sure To Have A Fantastic Time! Still Not Convinced?

Organizing Your Birthday

We have a whole crew dedicated to a birthday party planning and coordination. From the initial point of contact to assist you with setting up the streamers before your visitors arrive. Our staff communicates consistently and fluidly, making it simple for you!

Customers are welcome to bring their food, drinks, and birthday cakes!

Each venue has tables and refrigerators, allowing you and your guests to eat, drink, and be burly while throwing axes with us! If you want assistance in locating local merchants, please let our staff know and we will give you possibilities.

For example, at our Mississauga location, we were able to collaborate closely with a local baker to produce an axe-throwing-themed birthday cake – a wonderful addition for anybody wishing to improve an adult’s birthday experience. If you would like to order a bespoke cake, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We also have birthday presents for you covered! Purchase an Axe Master gift card by visiting our website under Contact Us and receiving the certificate by email!

What’s In It?

Axe Master‘s birthday parties are often reserved in advance through our Customer Service Team. The staff is detail-oriented and will work hard to capture your vision while also accommodating your needs.

Your team will be allotted an axe-throwing lane replete with tables, refrigerators, and scoring boards.

One of our active axe-throwing coaches will be in charge of your birthday celebration. These coaches will give you and your buddies a quick orientation, as well as lessons, and will teach you all you need to know about the point system and tournament play! After studying and practicing, the instructors will conduct entertaining activities and a round-robin competition, followed by a tournament to declare the ultimate axe-throwing champion!

We’ll handle everything from start to end, so all you have to do is enjoy the party and have fun! Remember to bring the cake!

What if you want to have a birthday party over the weekend, we recommend you book early because our weekend hours fill up quickly!