Biography of Israeli Entrepreneur Adam Mustafa Jijine Owner of Shams Media Company.

Adam Mostafa Gigini

He was born in Afula city, and grew up in the village of Daburia, located on the slopes of Mount Tabor, which has been considered as a sacred place throughout the world.

Gigini was born into a Muslim family after 10 years of suffering from childbearing problems, to be the eldest son of his father, a farmer, and his mother, a housewife. Because of his late birth, Adam was raised in a very special environment created by his parents with a lot of love and interest. Signs of intelligence began to appear on Gigini from a young age as a  skill of memorizing, so he could memorize everything he read.

Gigini finished his primary stage in Attor school successfully, and started his middle school by competing on the president of student board position since his first year, to become the youngest president of student board in the history of his village. Therefore, he started his intellectual activity at school gaining love from all, the teachers and the students.

Gigini did NOT accept the harsh financial conditions of his parents, and started his own project in selling vegetables when he was 13. After transitioning to the secondary school with complete success in both his studies and work, Gigini became a good example for hundreds of young people from his generation.

In 2014,  under the charged conditions and the wave of incitement, hatred and rancor between Arab citizens and Jews, and under the attacks that the country was witnessing against Arab citizens, and others against Jews, under all these circumstances, Adam Gigini did not think twice before saving the life of a Jewish family from Rehovot who were stuck in a car after a road accident near the city of Afula.

Yisrael Kasif, the father of the two girls, said: What happened between us made our relationship stronger than blood bonds. Mr. Gigini saved the lives of my daughters for free, and he was the first who told me about the accident and tried to calm me down.

On the other hand, Gigini said: My goal from the beginning was to save the lives of the car passengers. As a matter of the fact, I did not care who they were, their religion or their nationality. This was because our true religion always motivates us to help and save others regardless who they are.

Adam Mustafa

Gigini has continued his work between trade and other works. But after he became a father of five children, he decided to return back to the education, studying first “business administration” at Kinneret University. After that, he learned directing and production at Tal Hai University in Kiryat Shmona.  By doing this, Gigini proved that there is no specific age limiting your ability to continue your education, he said:

I didn’t feel like a successful person until I got my first university degree.

Adam Mustafa Gigini has opened Shams Media Company for photography, production and advertising. The main aim of his company is to support business interests of the Arab community in Israel. He has got thousands of followers on his Instagram and Facebook platforms, and his company has grown from north to south. In addition, the company is employing  dozens of academics, photographers and others.

Gigini has started his career by giving lectures in schools and universities, and after that in theaters across the country, talking about several topics like continuous trying, taking risks, finding and self-proving.

Gigini has lost hundreds of his followers after he tweeted on his account denouncing the terrorist attack that took place in the city of Al-Khudaira. As a result of that terrorist attack, Yazan Falah was died. He was a Druze citizen from Israeli Druze, and a border guard policeman newly recruited into the Israeli Border Police. In addition, He was the only son of his family aged 19 years old.

After that incident, Gigini has been intensively criticized under the charged conditions between Arabs and Jews. Although many asked him to apologies for his attitude, Gigini refused, and moreover assured that humanity is more important than anything else, and Yazan has had the right to live as a human being.

Gigini was surprised because of a very large campaign of support was being held by the Druze community. This campaign has contributed in raising his name loudly, and in reaching his voice to everyone.

In 2022, Gigini started the largest awareness campaign in the country against the application of Tik Tok. This campaign has been addressing the parents, telling them to monitor their children, and to control how they spend their time electronically.

The campaign has succeeded on a very large scale, which motivated Gigini to start the preparation of transferring the awareness campaign to all countries of the world, especially the Arab countries.

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