Bigwigply- choose the one that doesn’t let you compromise on quality

Modern construction methods have come a long way from traditional construction, and plywood is an important part of almost all construction works. Shuttering plywood is extensively used in construction works. It is highly densified and has a smooth coating on either side. It is used as a temporary structure to keep the concrete in place while it is setting.

The uses shuttering plywood

Formwork or shuttering is creating molds for construction purposes, and because most of the time durable plywood is used for these, it is called shuttering plywood.

  • They are extensively used in casting purposes
  • It is designed to withstand weight, moisture, heat
  • It is very affordable and does its job well
  • They can be reused

Plywoods are also used to make furniture and interior decorations for people who love the look of wood; these give them affordability and style. The Bigwigply too is used for shuttering purposes; the glossy surface makes it more durable and reusable, and it can withstand the effects of cement and other natural elements like moisture, heat, and rain.

Some other uses of plywood as a building material

Plywood is one of the most commonly used building materials, and they are an integral part of interior design as they are used as wall paneling, flooring, cabinets, wardrobes, and even furniture. 

Traditional construction has a lot of woodwork, but now, in modern times, wood is something we cannot use as it doesn’t fall into the affordable list of things, and also, it does not support the environment. But plywood is mostly made from the damaged trees due to natural causes, and companies take these trees for making the ply. There are also several advantages of choosing plywood over natural wood. So let’s find out why you need to choose plywood for your building needs:

Choosing plywood instead of hardwood

Wood veneers combined to make a flat sheet is called plywood, and they have a lot of uses as a building material, and they are used extensively because of their amazing features:

  • They are known for their durability

Plywood is widely used because they are very durable and has uniform strength all through. With the best veneers and glue to support, it just lasts forever.

  • They are lightweight

Though they possess all the properties of hardwood, they are surprisingly lightweight, and this feature makes them more versatile than wood.

  • They come in large sizes

When a single piece of wood is not enough to make furniture, a single sheet is more than enough to make the kind of furniture you desire and that too without any wastage.

  • It gives you the exact look of the parent wood

Yes, it looks beautiful! The result looks like it is made of solid wood, and it gives you the exact grains and designs like the parent wood, so there is no need to compromise on looks.

  • They are highly affordable

One of the greatest advantages of plywood is its affordability. When wood is out of reach for most of us, plywood comes to our rescue.

These features make it the best material to be used during construction as shuttering plywood to create strong and durable molds.

Types of plywood

According to its uses, the plywood can be differentiated into four groups:

  • Structural plywood
  • Exterior plywood
  • Interior plywood
  • Marine plywood

As their name suggests, they are designed for specific purposes, and they can give you the best support for all your building needs.


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