BigMag – Their services are swifter than your phone

BigMag’s online shop offers a vast selection of genuine Apple goods. Since they exclusively sell authentic, factory-sealed products at reasonable prices, they stand out from the competition as a trustworthy business. They also provide guarantees to support the claims they make about the quality of their goods. They have the right to speak in Ukrainian on behalf of Apple Inc.

Know your one-stop shop

BigMag’s primary area of competence is still the wholesale and retail distribution of genuine Apple items. Customers may be confident they are getting exactly what they paid for since this business only offers things that are genuine and of the highest quality. Apple provides a wide range of devices, each having its price range, production run, product category, and other details. The wholesale and retail tiers are additional viable business options. In comparison to competitors, BigMag offers unbeatable prices and response times. In addition, no matter where a client is in Ukraine, the firm may transport and deliver their belongings in three days. Customers that take part in recycling programs may trade in their old gear for new gear for a small price. BigMag, one of the first internet retailers, offered retro Apple products. The webpage is still open today. They provide a comprehensive service and are the market leaders in reselling used Apple equipment. Before placing any item for sale, they examine its 33 functions. Every purchase you make also includes a warranty card. BigMag offers significant discounts on Apple products in Ukraine. They also provide a service that allows clients to update to newer models of electrical devices while saving money. BigMag takes great pride in the superior level of customer service and professionalism it offers to its customers. BigMag assists its clients with a skilled and reliable business partner.

Get your phone fixed today!

Their shop inspects and fixes Apple iPhones without charging the customer. An authorized Apple technician will examine the device to determine the problem, assess the degree of the damage, and provide recommendations for the next course of action. In the event of significant harm, water flooding, or component failure, preauthorization may be required to cover diagnostic procedures that take much longer. The Kyiv location of BigMag can carry out a range of repairs, including switching out iPhone modular parts and soldering system board components. We also provide machine servicing, which includes cleaning, calibrating, and upkeep.

A technician must have completed Apple’s repair training course and obtained the company’s specialized credentials to repair an Apple laptop because an Apple laptop’s design and construction make it hard to fix. They can handle system setup and installation, thermal paste replacement, dust cleaning, and modular component replacement at their service facility in Kyiv. The service centre is fully stocked with genuine Apple components, including the most modern diagnostic and repair tools explicitly designed for MacBooks. They provide the facility with the best service at a fair price.

You can’t go wrong with our selection!

Since Bigmag honours its commitments, customers may trust their Apple devices, like the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. They will get a free year’s worth of maintenance and the required repairs. You may be sure their work is of the most remarkable calibre since they meticulously follow all directions and only use genuine parts. Customers may have confidence in the reliability and endurance of the solution since Apple products undergo frequent maintenance, repairs, and component replacements.

To repair Apple products, Bigmag exclusively uses genuine Apple parts and accessories. By doing this, the business can ensure the superior quality, reliability, and performance of each component it sells. Sometimes the requested feature might be deployed together with an upgraded version. A year guarantee is provided on all repaired or replaced parts, and experts routinely inspect the parts’ quality.

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