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In addition to displaying images and products, a website that can directly implement trading functions on the website.

B2C e-commerce-business-to-end consumer by atomee

Online sales B2C system is a system for online sales of enterprise products provided by enterprises for end users. It has advanced and complete online shopping functions and powerful background management functions. Enterprises can use this system to quickly build an e-commerce sales system with advanced functions such as online sales, online payment, freight calculation and order tracking

B2B e-commerce-an beauty  e-commerce atomee website between enterprises

Based on its many years of e-commerce application practice and Internet/Intranet application development experience, atomee e-commerce has developed a set of fully functional online sales B2B e-commerce solutions combined with international advanced technology and the characteristics of domestic enterprises. With its simple and powerful interface, the system allows users to easily create and manage their own online stores through the Internet.

The strategic significance of beauty  e-commerce atomee website construction

Realize multi-point information interaction

Utilize network coverage capabilities to connect vaMany companies have begun to use the power of the Internet to establish and deploy their own online trading platforms, and generate sales through promotion and operation management, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the companies. Atomee believes that the strategic significance of  beauty e-commerce website construction is as follows:

Realize online transactions, Improve customer satisfaction, improve sales conditions, and open up new sales channels with the shortest supply chain, fastest response speed, lowest cost and personalized products.

Various branches to establish a nationwide and even global information exchange and resource sharing network by atomee

Establish a complete trading system

Around the business links of ordering, production, transportation, delivery, etc., effective management is carried out, transactions occur, and product profits are directly realized.

Supported by complete warehousing logistics

A flexible, simple, and easy-to-manage warehousing logistics system can help companies effectively organize supply, adjust product time gaps, ensure market demand, and reduce capital occupation.

Strengthen customer relationship management in beauty  e-commerce atomee website construction

Through the e-commerce process, collect basic customer information, analyze business process information, improve the service system and strengthen customer relationships.

The general demand for e-commerce website construction

How to effectively display the product, and in what form the important information of the product is displayed in the main position? How to display important products diversified? How to effectively highlight promotions or recommend products?

How to set up the shopping process in a humane way to make the shopping process simple and easy to understand at a glance?

How to increase customer experience, form a sticky effect, and promote long-term customer consumption?

How to facilitate the management of information such as the listing, promotion, inventory management, and removal of thousands of products? How to manage commodity prices, packaging methods, and corresponding express delivery costs?

Final thoughts

Buy beauty products from atomee You will be surprised, but products from the category “health and beauty” are ranked 8th in the ranking of the most sold things on the Internet. Over the past few years, dozens of stores have come online to help you look your best.

Only trusted retailers were included in the list of the 30 best online cosmetics stores. As you now have access to more products, you can often buy at a better price than regular stores, not to mention free online offers and promotions for orders of a certain value.

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