Big Brother Is Watching You; The World’s Biggest Data Breach

In this age, humans have become products, legally auctioned and sold. But, how is that possible?

Have you ever texted someone about a particular product, and the next moment your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all full of ads about that product? This is because all of your conversations are being watched. Every message you send and every search you make will be noted down and used to sell you to companies.

Companies also collect your personal information (name, email, IP address…etc.), location information, and activity on the internet (browsing history and interaction with online content).

In the past, companies would pay vast amounts of money for marketing campaigns, with a high possibility of these campaigns going in vain. However, companies now utilize the internet to spy on people and determine the audience’s needs prior to spending money on campaigns.

In June, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties sued the IAB Tech Lab for its part in real-time bidding. Simply put, websites have empty slots for ads; when you open a website and see a white empty ad space, it is because the website cookies are collecting your data and auctioning you to companies. The slot is finally filled according to what ad they believe would interest you the most.

Getting personalized ads makes our lives easier; there’s no denying that. But on the other side of the scale, the amount of private data that companies are invading every second is pretty scary. So, it has come to this: there is no privacy in this world anymore. It’s like we are currently living in the 2021 version of 1984. 

So does this mean we have to give up on having any privacy and just move on with our lives? No. If anything, the fact that data invasion is on the rise should only push us to find more ways to protect ourselves.

How to Protect Yourself

To protect yourself, you need to have a safe place where your data can be kept secure and hidden from the prying eyes of these companies. Virtual private networks (VPNs) can help you keep your data safe by providing a private network that only you can access.

To get an idea of what VPNs are considered excellent and reliable, see the list of the top VPN services on the market, rated and ranked.

Strong VPNs provide high levels of security. For example, the AES-256-bit encryption, offered by many VPNs, is utilized by governments, military bases, and banks to protect the most confidential information.

Another vital feature VPNs usually provide is the kill switch. The kill switch will sever your internet connection if your VPN connection suddenly drops, ensuring your IP address and personal data stay hidden. 

Do you want to protect yourself against being turned into a product inspected and passed around between companies? Then, you need to take the first step in creating your own private network and keeping those companies’ noses out of your business.  


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Time Business News Editor Team